Modding with a par 56 300 watt

After swapping out about ten Par cans at work with new bulbs, I ran across something I have not seen in the 35 plus years in the Lighting /sound biz. This par 56 bulb split exactly in half, actually came apart in my hands! Lens in one hand and reflector in the other.

Has anyone done a mod with these reflectors? The numbers in this 300 watt 120 volt incan Par 56 actually mean 56mm is the radius of the reflector. .

I use par 36’s all the way to 64’s but this ’56 is the only one I have EVER seen this happen to. Still lights up too.

Instead of an orange-peel reflector, they frost the glass to change the beam spread. They go from a perfectly clear lens in a “very narrow” to a fresnel type lens for the “wide flood”. I believe the beam is 12 degrees with clear glass. Would that be considered a “thrower”? Just curious if anyone has played with these using led’s