Moded my RQ

I have a kaidomain RQ for quite a while with no regular use, I brought it last may in a beach vacation together with several light like the Solarforce L2 with XM-L and Fenix LD10. of the three lights, I used the LD40 as it have with beam and can throw really far, the L2 is too much floody and the RQ has too tight beam which seems useless in regular use.

Yesterday I moded my RQ with a cree XM-L T5 and was wowed by the result, even though its beam is not that pretty it achieved a good balnce between flood and throw, I think it still beats the throw of my LD40. It still has a lot of potential since I did not yet replaced the driver.

Now I got to appreciate the light more and will be my in the house light.

left is the LD40 and right RQ w/ XM-L

Does anyone know where to buy the best driver for XM-L that fits the RQ?


Replaced the driver of my RQ with the one from a Kaidomain XM-L 5 mode drop in(P60) It is brighter but I have no idea how bright. will test tonight outside.

Beamshots, if possible, please...

What I like about the new RQ is that it's now useful unlike before.

Compared it with my favorite light.

Left RQ XM-L, right Fenix LD40


I notice that BestInOne now do an RQ Spear Clone with an XM-L, but I've no idea how well driven it is.