Modest giveaway aimed at new modders...

As it seems I’ve been lurking quite a bit in this forum it appears that post 1000 for me won’t be around the corner. However a giveaway is something that I would like to do. So here’s a modest giveaway for my post #200.

First off I would like to apologize upfront to BLF’s international members as this giveaway is only open to members with a US address. This not because I am bias in anyway but of my inability to go to the post office & fill out the required customs forms. After becoming permanently disabled I now walk with a cane and a leg brace. I also can no longer drive so I ask for your forgiveness for wanting to be lazy & limping around to to corner of my block to drop off a USPS flat rate pouch with lights.

As a by product of my disability I now have found it exponentially hard to modify lights because of the small electronics. While this does not mean that it will mean I quit modding lights it does mean that I will drastically limit the volume of lights I spend my time working on.

And thus this giveaway is actually my asking my BLF brethren to help me use some of my lights for mod fodder. This giveaway is meant for the VERY novice modder or for those who want to try their hand at modding. It will not appeal to any other members.

Almost all of these lights were touched by me AFTER my disability & thus are in relatively in a state of limbo w/ internals which may or may not be working.

the 1st light will be:

  1. A Lumapower D-mini (clone?) with a blown switch. It’s pill has a copper pedestal for added mass. It has a poorly centered (yeah, it moved on me) XP-G2 NW (I forgot the actual specs) on a copper sinkpad(this was donated to me by DB custom when I first joined BLF.) I will include a working switch to mod onto this light but it can really use something better as this light is currently wired for DD.

2. the second light will be a bad quality C8 - I’m not sure if it works or not. I think I have a Nichia 119 in there.

3. An Ultrafire M5: Upon receipt I must have played with it for no more than 5 minutes. It never worked with 1AAA only a 10440 liion.

4. Hmm, it starting to feel as if everything here has some sort of issue with it. So here’s one with a minor “issue” to it. It’s a Solarstorm SC2 NW. The issue is that I ordered an XML2 NW. It arrive with an XML NW. Otherwise the light is like new & everything works as it should.

Rules are:

  • Sorry. Again this giveaway is unfortunately US only.
  • Must have joined BLF before October 1st 2015.
  • one entry per user
  • post “i take it anyway!”

The giveaway ends on October 18th at 12am EST. I will select the winner via I’ll ship these out via a padded USPS flat rate priority mail pouch.

i take it anyway!

Gotta start somewhere, and since all of my lights work well I’m afraid I might screw them up.

Thank you,

nice giveaway!

( i should have © the phrase “i take it anyway” :p)

i take it anyway!

Very cool giveaway. It will be great if it opens the door to modding for someone.

Congrats on your pending 200th post. :)

Congratulations on your pending 200th post. I am pretty sure there is more to come!

i take it anyway!

I still haven’t modded a light.

I take it anyway!

And thanks :slight_smile:

I’m NOT in , I’d just like to say “stay strong ”

I'm not in


Good idea for a giveaway ...

i take it anyway!

i take it anyway!

I take it anyway!

Very cool idea. Thank you! I’m sorry that you have to limit your mod load. :frowning:

i take it anyway!

i take it anyway!

i take in anyway!

i take it anyway

I take it anyway!

Congrats on 200 posts. And keep modding at your own pace.

(not in :-) )

Giveaway is now closed. I’ll draw the winner in a few moments…