modifying a small LED flashLight upwards to 1000lu

Check with M4DM4X- he may have a discount code for that light. Good choice w/ Nitecore.


Is it possible to change the led of a Olight M1X,to a XP-L Hi for more throw?Can I open the internals,or are they glued?

How about a Manker E11 with de-domed XP-L and smooth reflector… 800/400 lumen with single 14500/AA battery. Might not be the brightest, but imo one of the best for it’s versatilely… size, battery, power/throw.

Maybe he already has a light by now? This was 5 months ago

If it is for me,yes,I already have this Olight M1X,and I want to send it to a friend to mod this,if it is possible,without glued internals,putting another led,ie XP-L Hi for more throw.