modifying a small LED flashLight upwards to 1000lu

Is it possible to beef up the lumins on a small pocket-clip size flashlight upwards to 900-1000lu?

And if so do we have peeps in the forum who can do this?

there are quite a few high-lumen lights here, search for “pocket rocket” or edc lights.
Not sure how many people would be able to build one for you but I am sure we can find an Australian member who is able and willing to do it.

1000 lm can also be achieved in simply buying a light, how small does it have to be?

do you have any specific questions in regards to size, emitter, driver, etc?

How small are you talking here? The size of a single AAA light? The size of a single AA light? 18350?

There are a few smallish lights that are capable of that output if you don’t want to build something. Do you have a particular use in mind? Or are you just looking for something to impress your friends?

blf x5 would fit what you want

That’s encouraging. This is a genuine need. A ‘security flash/blinder’ as a defense tool for my wife to carry. The 1000lu I found were Olight M1X + Fenix PD 35. These were too big and are handbag carry only for a lady. Had a look at the MecArmy PT-16. If only it wasn’t so lumpy. I’m sure she will want a button on the tube rather than an end clicky. Apart from that something compact and light as much as possible. e.g. my S1 baton would be a good choice. It’s 500 lu in my opinion is not enough now I know one can get 1000lu.

As far as technical needs go, it’ll need to have a look of quality about it.

Apart from the MecArmy PT16 what else is out there that’s small and light weight and an easy pocket carry that pump out big lumins? Otherwise I’m willing to pay for a custom flashlight mod.

If you like the Olight S1, why not try its big brother the S2 ? 900 lumens in a double click and the most compact (okay, not the only one) 18650 flashlight…

What you want is either the Nitecore EA11, or the Nitecore MH20.

Both are USB rechargeable.

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Sorry guys. All 3 come under the too lumpy, too blokey, catagory for a lady. :person_facepalming:

Would she like the Mecarmy PT16 / Cooyoo particle?

No pocket clip but extremely compact and can easily hang on a keychain. 1,000lm+ and direct access to turbo and low! it looks chubby and cute, not too manly I think.

I wouldn’t choose a light as a defence tool, only if it was large enough to use as a defensive weapon.

I’m not sure of the legality of these thing’s but I would look at some sort of defence spray. To be honest it wouldn’t bother me if it was legal or not if I was giving it to a family member to use.

What’s your idea of “Small Pocket Clip sized”? That covers a lot of area, from AAA/AA sized lights, up to some 18650 EDC lights like the Convoy S-series. A Convoy S2+ with a well-driven XM-L2/XP-L emitter would get you the 1000ish lumens you are looking for, via a single 18650 cell. That kind of light out of a smaller AA/AAA/16340 flashlight would require some decent cells, and would have relatively short runtime.

Actually better make that +2, because this is one of the small category of lights that your family will take away from you as soon as they see it.

(you’ll have to work out how to set memory mode and set it so it comes on with the strobe if that’s the intended use, which is the only tricky part)

For a purely self-defense use, someone ought to make a dedicated strobe-and-siren-and-dial911 device. None available that I’m aware of right now.

It doesn’t sound like long run time is needed as well as a turbo mode. There are lots of ways to program a driver for different modes(low, high, strobe), (strobe only), (etc.) and replacing a driver is less difficult than building a light from scratch so what modes and modes order does she want? Ergo, look for a light you like and ask to mod that.
Not lumpy =? a smooth, straight sided, stainless steel, side switched host for 14500 or 10440 liion? Sounds nice anyway.
Is she willing to pay attention to the cell? It’s all moot if this isn’t the case since no single alkaline cell(or even two) can deliver the current needed and no boost drivers for the current needed exist either so no Nimh cells. this is a case of liion or nothing.

I have been told the best solution for me is to buy an Astrolux EO1 then fit a ‘triple XPL’ to it.

I understand the “buy” part of the job. It’s part ’B” that is more problomatic. I haven’t got a clue what he’s talking about. I’m a user not a tweaker. But since joining your forum I’d like to do the work myself if its a simple task. Is there any D.I.Y. threads about fitting a triple XPL? Do i need special tools? Are there any members willing to guide me via PM for on-line support?

What he meant is not an easy thing to do, modyfing the light to use three LED's called XP-L instead of one. That'd give a lot more light at the expense of runtime , but you'd need to get a new reflector, driver, do a lot of soldering and other things I have zero idea about.

I’d be looking for 2 qualities here. First would be a single high mode; you’re in a stressful situation and have no time to be fumbling around. Second would be a light which can deliver using either Lithium primary cells or if you’re up to charging and maintaining them NiMh lsd cells. LiIon rechargables do not like to be sitting around idle with a full charge even if their extra power capacity would allow many more light choices. Unless you’re already a LiIon user and can handle them safely and well, it’s best to skip them for this light.

I don’t think anyone makes a single mode light fitting these requirements so I’d suggest finding a ‘modder’ near you to work with in making this. Plenty of folks on BLF worldwide and plenty of modders so post your city and put out the call- I’m certain you’ll get an answer.


Modding a light into a triple isn’t an easy job… It’s a bit more involved than your typical build.

Hi peeps. Seems a mod is not a simple thing. I’ve decided to go “stock”. Although a tad bigger than what I’d hoped for this one certainly floored me with its focusing power - 33000 cd on turbo on 1x 18650 cell. Just gotta find a price-drop somewhere.

Nitecore MH20GT

The Nitecore EA11 does not have a “built in” usb charger. However, the batteries are re-chargeable in a separate charger.

I considered the EC11. I have a charger. But I’m investing in the NH20GT as a maybe-never-needed self defense tool as my city is becoming less friendly and older peeps like me are no longer off-limits. So I’m not going to save a few dollars on the torch so a thug can pinch them later.

The EC11 has 9000cd but this new beast can inflict 33000cd of retina pain temp vision loss.