Moli M35A: The GA Replacement?

Is the M35A now the one to beat for low drain (1A-2A) applications? HKJ? 18650batterystore has them in stock…

Molicel makes very good batteries, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are better than the GA, but the existence of the M35A is news to us. I don’t think HKJ even has it on its queue.

Mooch, the expert to the from the vape community, tested a preliminary version of the M35A, but it’s only available on his Patreon, I don’t have access.

Edit: Note that at low drain the Samsung 35E got better results than the GA.

$5.99 a piece isn't too shabby, either.

Mooch will be testing the M35A next week :slight_smile:

The Molicel M35A is on 18650batterystore’s deal of the day for $3.99 until March 30:

Mooch’s test summary: “These perform just about as well as the Sanyo NCR18650GA, making them one of the best performing ultra-high capacity 18650’s, and the M35A should be about the same price.”

What’s the BLF groupthink? Should I buy a few at 3.99 before the deal expires but also before HKJ reviews them?

Mooch is a reliable source so you can trust his raw data. So capacity is a bit lower down to 2.8V (if you need the use 100% of the capacity until the flashlight shuts off) but for the rest of the curve it competes with the other cells and at 10A is almost as good as the GA and better than the MJ1 and 35E (that 0.1V and 0.2V difference with the MJ1/35E means a better regulation). When HKJ tests the cell we’ll able to compare it directly with other cells at diverse currents using his comparator, but for now this data is very useful.

I’d buy them if I lived in the USA, I could use more cells. They are a good deal at $3.99.

I have 120pcs on their way. I found them to be a good amount less than the GA

I just purchased a set of 8 from 18650store, hard to pass up for 3.99 each.

I just ordered 8 pieces as well. Seems like good deal to me.