Molicel INR-21700-M50A

Haven’t seen it mentioned yet. Molicel shows a 5000 mAh cell on their site.
It’s rated to deliver 20A continuous.
It weighs 1g less than Sanyo NCR21700A despite the latter using aluminum in the can.

Great news

Wait, wait.


That’s a very good result IMO.

And DC resistance is quite low too at 25mOhms DC.

Not as low as a 30Q, but with the additional thermal mass, it should have no problem running at 20A continuously.

That single page (!) datasheet shows 77 and 95W constant power discharge curves. Totally smells like vaper market aimed.


18Wh / 0.068Kg = 264.71Wh/Kg. Not so much, and it also depends in their ratings' dependability.

How about cycle life? To me that is very super important.

Holy cow 5000mah with 20A if true would be insane! Can’t wait for Vapcell to rewrap these! :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the Molicel M50A would fit into flashlights. Its diameter is 21.7mm, i.e. larger than or at least as large as the inner diameter of many battery tubes of 21700 lights. I would be happy to test it, though (if I had a sample here). :wink:

The advantages of Molicel batteries lie in cycle life and low temperature performance :slight_smile:

Good find, thanks. 0.7 mm is likely to cause troubles, will fit some lights won’t fit some others.

Oh, so that is his they are achieving a higher energy density.

Just measured my Astrolux Ft01 and it measures 21.7 and it is the tightest 21700 light that I have, I am using the Shockli 21700 4500 and they are a vacuum fit.

just saying, Klarus 21GT-50 has 21.7mm diameter and 75.8mm long… Cell which is used in klarus XT21X.

…and I wonder when it will available… :question: