Molicel P42A vs Samsung 40T

I have a few high demand 21700 flashlights and I only have a few Molicel P42A, as the Samsung 40T’s were out of stock when I ordered.

Would I notice a difference in the Samsung 40T over the Molicel P42A?

I definitely noticed the difference when I owned the lumintop fw21 pro. 40t gave more output to my eyes

From HKJ:

thats strange since molicell has higher discharge rate.

either way both are great cells.

By More output I mean brighter output, not longer output. I’m sure molicel has it written as a higher constant discharge rate amperage, but as we all know thanks to Battery Mooch and HKJ, that does not always mean it is correct. And I don’t mean that molicel is being deceitful, often different cells of the same model have varying outputs, and also aspects like temperature and load effect CDR. Maybe the molicel does have a better CDR, but at a more modest running temperature. But from my personal experience the 40t really is the pinnacle of power and runtime. hkJ’s above graph does show molicel “winning”, but that has to be taken for what it is. In the beginning of the run, 40t outperforms. I never run my batteries below 3.6 amps if I can help it (output drops too much on my fet lights). So in that case, 40t could simply appear better to me with my general usage. There are many factors :+1:

And I agree, both are great! I have numerous of both. And run them in all the same lights.

@ Artiet59:

If you look closely at the discharge curve, the Sam has a better current delivery at the top of the graph; albeit small.

What the eyes register with visual memory, there is a thing called cognitive bias in which our brains perceive things that are not truthful. Hence I purchased an inexpensive luxmeter for factual analysis - link

Molicel is a better battery,
Scamsung has a better 2 second peak


apparently the long term life of the moli is better too, if I’m interpreteting the datasheet right.

The long term life of the moli is much better, but the datasheet refers to lower temperature than Samsung.

Moli makes batteries for NASA and is willing to make loose battery sellers authorized dealers while Shamesung demands people stop selling, I only see unethical behaviors by Samsung across the board (been boycotting them where possible for 10+ years)

@ Dalamar:

Samsung hasn’t been very good at denouncing the fakes as their coding system is inconsistent.
Often copied, the fraudsters are getting much better. I get it they are OEM and as such don’t use a QR code as some others, but their Apple’sque attitude of ‘we’re the best & f**k the rest’ is tarnishing their reputation.

Still, they are a leader in the heavy hitters as the 40T.

I ordered 4 Samsung 40T’s from the 18650 battery store, they should be here tomorrow so I will compare myself. :slight_smile:

I agree, and I am willing to bet that had something to do with it

I knew that about Molicel, I did not know that about Samsung though. Thank you for the info. I’ll look into it.