Monster T6-1000-4

Hello everyone,

I apologize up front because I just now stumbled upon this forum right before bedtime and I am sleepy. I am still in my learning curve about flashlights. I have been researching them for about a week before buying Monster T6-1000-4 which is an updated version of their P7D-1000-5 and just came out this week. Also, (2) 18650 extended capacity batteries, a charger, and holster. So far, I am very happy with it.


Hi Steve and welcome. Glad to see you like your light. You may go broke here though.

Hey thanks. And I see what you mean about going broke. I started out just looking to buy as decent an LED flashlight as I thought I could afford. Only one, I thought. Well, I can already see how this is going to turn out. I am already looking at about three others that I am trying to figure a way to buy.

I inspect rail cars and generate repair estimates on them for a private contract repair shop. I have been in this business for almost 30 years now and I use a flashlight almost daily. Maglite has always been my favorite over the years mainly because of how durable the switch is. I could not resist the LED thing any longer so finally decided to try one.

I also bought one of Greg Mcgee's MTE C3-907 flashlights that I really like. It uses a single AA battery and is surprisingly bright. I am now wanting to try a small 14500 powered compact light.

I am also looking for best and smallest single 18650 light that I can afford.

Well I can help on smallest 18650 ultra fire uf2100 at under 20 bucks and is crazy bright for a small light,welcome:)

Sure am lovin' my Balder SE-1 .

I spend quite a bit of time on Ebay and was wondering if those are what I see a lot of. So these must be pretty decent then especially considering the price. Since I am not into snob appeal and because of my budget, I certainly appreciate good deals. If money were no object, I would love the new Zebralight SC600.

Thanks again and I will check out the UF2100.

Never heard of that one but, can't wait to check it out as well. Thanks.

Hey, thanks guys! I just found great prices on both of these lights. Fantastic!

Also, I already have (4) protected 18650 extended capacity batteries but, I will need a couple of protected 14500s. Which ones would be best?

If you like the ZL600, please check out the Ultrafire UF-T50. It's now my favorite single-18650 form-factor. I got it here:

I am really digging mine - review coming soon.

Thanks, just checked it out. I am not familiar with the twisty type lights. Are there any advantages / disadantages to them or is it just a matter of getting used to it?

EDITED to say: the twisty type was found in description on Kaidomain website. I just saw that the UF-T50 at CN website lists it as a clicky switch.

Thanks for the tip Chicago. Do you have a Zebralight SC600 to compare it to? That UF-T50 looks like a great light. Wonder how it preforms against my Shiningbeam Blaze? It's less money that's for sure.

I don't have the ZL, sorry.

The switch is an electronic one, BTW. Strobe is available with a double-click, and always goes to high. This is very convenient to catch the eye of a driver, for example, without fumbling around with a bunch of different modes.

The light ramps up/down when you hold the switch down, and therein lies its weakness - there is no indication of the level, nor a pause at either end of the brightness spectrum. PWM is also visible at the lowest levels.

The tint on mine is a beautiful cool white, with no sickly green or tint shift. While not a perfect light, this one is a keeper.

I should have asked. Does it get hot quickly on high? Does it step down to a lower brightness like the ZL SC600? How is the battery life with this light? Is the magnet strong enough to hold it on something like a refrigerator? Do you have any lights that compare to it's output? Thanks guy.


One of the great benefits of reading these forums and talking to other members here or by pm you learn one great thing that others don't learn till after the fact. And that's what lights to buy. So in other words you know what your getting most of the time to be a good light, and you also learn what not to buy. So in a way your money spends wisely when you stick around here if you are planning on spending money on flashlights.

It gets warm, but not hot, on HI.

Battery life is very good - I got well over an hour on HI with a Callie's protected 18650 cell, but didn't record runtime on RCR123s. The flexibility to use multiple rechargeable cell sizes is nice.

Ceiling bounce tests put this light right around 450-500 lumen out-the-front. I will get more precise measurements when my light meter comes back from repair.

The magnet is VERY strong. It held the light on a very slick fridge without slippage. I removed mine, as I was concerned for the iPhone that often shares a pocket.

If I had to find another fault with this torch, it would be the lack of texture on the button. There is very little tactile feedback when searching for the button, and it usually requires a quick glance at the light.

Please note that this is a minor issue, and it should in no way dissuade you from acquiring this light. This torch may be a good candidate for a Group Buy when Ric returns from his CNY vacation. I certainly wouldn't mind picking up another one for the B-O-B.

Thanks Chicago. I might have to have one of those.

I'm interested in a group buy.

I may be interested in group buy.

I'd be interested too.

Thanks Chicago. Just after I committed to not buying another light this month, you give me this gem. Guess I'll have to wait 'till next month . . . (next Wednesday)