Monumental runtime light

Was writing something on Jayki about multiple AA lights with two or 3 NiMH. Then remembered a review of the Aurora SH0030 multimode I wrote there. Our esteemed host says runtime is important to him - I think I have the ultimate. The light output is less than a Fenix E01 though. With an extension from an Ultrafire C3 and two cells it gives 27 lux (Lightbox) on High (Drawing 12.2mA) - a Fenix E01 gives 37 in the same lightbox.

9 lux on medium from 5.11mA

On high in this configuration it should give a couple of hours under a week of light with a pair of Eneloops. On medium you get more than a fortnight - overr 400 hours with the measured capacities of my Eneloops.

But not cheap by the time you've given DX the money for two C3 extensions.

Now that is one hell of a long running light. I have two long running lights and they dont give me those kind of hours at all.

Hey Don, thanks for thinking of me! This does look like a very interesting light. And yes, I do favor runtime above everything else.

I believe this is the review you referred to here:

And this is the light: Multi-mode and Single-Mode

So, a few questions: The minimum voltage requirement is quite strange. How can it be 2.0V minimum and still work with AA? Do you still have that light? If so you could you please let me know if it performs with a regular alkaline AA, my preferred configuration? And if it does, how long does it run with a single AA on the lowest setting? I see there is also the single-mode version that costs less than $12 and received a 6-star rating by Jayki. So I also wonder if the single-mode is also dim and therefore a long runner?

Could we get some comments in this thread about other extremely long runtime budget lights (especially with a single AA) that you guys know of? Thanks!

Are you looking for a long running light on high brightness or a multimode light. Reading through the thread i take it that your looking for a light with a low.

Well, I don't really care too much about about brightness one way or the other. If it happens to be bright that is fine, but usually that is an opposing factor to runtime. I wouldn't mind a dim single-mode either, it's just that most single-modes on DX seem to be be real scorchers that overdrive the battery to its limits.

So basically a multimode will do.

Absolutely. But cheap is nice.

You might want to check out this light......uses Nichia leds that provide long runtimes, they might not be as bright as the luxeons or crees but they make up for it though in runtime. And as for the price how low did you want to go.

Here's another....might be worth checking out because of the price. Might want to get a couple and keep them where you might need it.

Ooooops sorry about that the link is posted....i might get a couple of those for the kids.

I have a couple of these too, the battery life is somewhere around 24 hours:

The quality is quite good, they last maybe a year or so before they start to get really flickery.

I'm looking at the following VERY cheap budget lights too, which are usually dim enough to last a long time: (Brand New)

Any suggestions? Thanks!

The light in the last link looks okay.....from the pics it seems to be well made and might last you. I wish they gave more info on the light though.

It won't work with one AA, but with two it will - it is basically a (much) better made Ultrafire C3 so I used extensions from those. The current on the five mode with two alkalines is:

Medium 8mA

Low 4mA

High 20mA. Assuming 3,000mAh at such loads with a decent alkaline gives you 150 hours runtime. On low that's 750 hours.

My single mode one appears not to want to work just now. Will fiddle later.

Thanks for checking Don. Pity that the multi-mode doesn't work with a regular AA. In fact I'm surprised it's such a dim light if it requires such high voltage. Thanks for the tip on that, I might have bought it only to be disappointed.

Something like this maybe..

run time forever lol

Theres a luxeon led version on there aswell

How could one resist such a site? What a wonderful name. I was expecting to see a hamster wheel powered light

Nah the hamster wheel is used to drive the eco mobile phone charger, there's a double on too to power a laptop

Hey at least you wont have to worry about brining an extra set of batts with you.....just wind er up.