Moonlight Mode on BIG lights. Why?

What would the moonlight mode be used for on something like a Thrunite TN40S? It doesn’t make sense to me. If I only needed 1.2 lumens I wouldn’t be carrying around a 4x18650 light with a massive reflector. Wouldn’t anyone who was interested in moonlight modes have an EDC for that job?

Walking. I plan to use my WT90 for walking and want low light for walking down the sidewalk, then I can double click to high if I want to look at something or blind someone. The size is also comfortable for long term holding.

If on vacation I walk around with a big light, I really do need a big light. And I don’t want to schlep around a second light when I need moonlight inside the tent.

My TN32UT was one of the first stock ultra throwers and at moonlight mode I can look directly into the reflector without funny after effects.

Do you really walk around outside with just 1-5 lumens? I really can’t relate to that usage O:

Oh so I take it you do not carry a light in your pocket as a rule. I guess I take it for granted that BLFers EDC lights. Clearly that is not always the case.

I guess the answer to this thread is that moonlight mode in big lights is for people who don’t carry EDC lights. :S

I have never purchased a single flashlight based on moonlight mode. I sometimes use moonlight mode on EDC lights, but I never use it on large lights. I have nothing against moonlight mode on large lights, it’s there in case I would ever need it.

The choosing of modes to include is not a manufacturer forte.

I have quite good night vision and some streets here don’t really have street lights. So sometimes I just need a touch of light right in front of me so I know if there is a stick or rock that may try to plant me on my face. I suppose it may not be useful at 1-5 lumens, I may need slightly higher. I will let you know how I feel about it in a couple of nights. My batteries just came today for the WT90.

I’ll be interested to hear your impressions! I’m somewhat interested in that light myself. I don’t have a SBT90.2 light yet. Part of me thinks I should just get the Acebeam K75 for it’s sustained 2500lumen output after turbo. The WT90 pushes as many lumens as possible for as long as possible which leads to a steeper and shorter runtime curve.

Seems like you are interested in using as little light as possible on your walks. I enjoy throwing around enough lumens to see dark areas as if it is midday. I don’t need 1000-4500 lumens to keep from tripping, it’s just fun :slight_smile:

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I like a moonlight mode with multiple batteries because it would last way longer , as a just in case thing.

I suppose when it comes right down to it, I don’t need moonlight mode on big lights, but regardless, I like having the flexibility if possible. Sometimes it’s just the light that happens to be most readily at hand, and I want to preserve my night vision or avoid disturbing anyone else.