more bezel madness from Foybezels™

Like many here, I don't like the bezel that comes with a Solarforce L2P. I'll let you decide if it turned out okay. Herewith; the new slimline series from the design studios of Foybezel.



Don't be fooled by fakes - insist on genuine Foybezel. Because your flashlight deserves to be Foyed.

I did that to a already butchered L2 bezel , I ground it down real thin , but since it was already butchered [ I had another idea ] , and rough looking I painted mine black ...

And it now resides on my L2i ..

As I mentioned , rough and butchered from a other idea I had ...

But I have a few of these bezels as spare , so I may try and do a clean one ...

I don't mind the milder L2P bezel, so I don't think it needs to be changed. You did a nice job because there isn't quite the thickness on this bezel as the L2. Painting it seems like a good idea too.

I would call this the SLIMLINE Foybezel.

Where you're at Foy - really no worries about long term corrosion or discoloring from humidity. But I'm in a humid swamp environment, and wonder how long untreated AL would last b4 discoloring. Or even the acids from your hand. Perhaps might be a good thing to shoot it with a clear coat ... or some other type of protectant. I keep my torches on the workbench in the garage, would hate to find in a few weeks all my foyed bezels were green.

I think the L2P bezel looks fine, but it still looks nice polished.

My vote is for the foybezzleshizzle. Props to Foy.

Do bezels serve any real purpose other than making a light longer than it needs to be?

They also block a lot of output ...

"Bad" bezels do that. If it make correctly, beam shouldn't be altered.

Really, Foy, why you didn't like the original bezel? Wish it was SS, but shape of it is good for me :(

Absolutely they need clearcoat, without a doubt. It was just a proof of concept kind of thing. It's my least favorite so far but I've perfected my technique on the others. When the light is good tomorrow I'll shoot some quick pics. Who would have thought it would come to this. Flashlight bezels?


It's not a matter of disliking. When you accumulate a few dozen flashlights and half of them have the same damn bezel, I begin to consider other possibilities. Also, my life is such that this type of activity suits me.


C'mon and admit it Foy, you lust after one of these bezels


The Klingon strike bezel. Some of those restrict the beam into a triangle. Does the tail cap on that light have stainless on the end? That's kinda cool, no?


I didn't know Jetbeam made those....a lot of "premium" lights have stainless ends.

It depends. If you like the lens to stay in place when using the light other than shining straight up into the sky it's handy to have a bezel in most lights. 0:)

BTW I think your modified bezel looks great. Nice work Foy!

There is a similar monstrosity from Solarforce , more stuff for your orbital to grind down. ;-)

Sounds like a good way to foy-up your flashlights.. and that's a good thing! Nice mod foy. It looks so much better without those crenulations.

Here's a beamshot from the Klingon bezel that comes with the Trustfire F22/Yezl equivalent.

Dozens of Solarforce, you mean lol :bigsmile: Yeah, I only have one SF and I like it. Perhaps, with 10 SF more, I'll hate that bezel :bigsmile: