More Chinese Advertising Exaggeration BS!

Exaggerated Magnification!

I note that many inexpensive Chinese made hand held magnifiers are claiming magnifications of well over 10x, up to 30x and 40x. Based on one I have with two lens sets, claiming 10X and 20X, I suspect that many of these claims are bullshit. My cheap magnifier 20X lens set is smaller diameter and also narrower field of view but it is NOT 20x. I compared it to my 20X Russian Belomo loupe, known for quality, and compared size of letters with the 20X half of the cheap dual loupe and the 20X claimed Chinese optics are closer to 10x. Minimal difference between the 10X object size and the claimed 20X view object size in the cheap Chinese loupe. Difference in view and object size between the 20X Russian view and the claimed 20X Chinese view is huge.

By the time you reach a true 20X magnification with a hand held magnifier the use becomes a PITA as the distance between the magnifier field lens and the object is minimal. I cannot imagine that a 30x or 40x actual magnification version would even be usable. I have a so called 30X cheapie on the way and will try to judge the actual magnification. I bet that it is 10x or less. For most uses a 10X magnification loupe is all that you should need. Most high grade inspection loupes are in this range as made by respected companies such as Mitutoyo, Edmund Scientific and others.

Like with so many Chinese made products these days, let the buyer beware. Too much Chinese stuff is sold with greatly exaggerated claims, just like the Lumens claims on no name flashlights and the capacity claims for Chinese Lithium Ion batteries, items that members are well aware of.