More fake trustfire 18650 3000mah flame batteries. Ebay fake junk alert.

Just wanted to warn you guys in case someone saw these batteries on ebay and thought they were a good deal. 100% fake trurstfire 18650 3000mah flames. Not saying that a genuine trustfire is the greatest battery in the world. But these batteries are very bad fakes. The protection circuit looks to be genuine but it does not trip for low voltage. Not even down to 1 volt. The holographic wrapper is also a bad fake. The battery weight is way off. We won’t get into the quality of the cell inside right now. Ebay claims to have this safe shopping experience but there is nothing safe about this. 632 sets of unprotected junk sold to the public.\_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Tour Amazon. They aren’t much better either. or is it eyether? :~ Need to wear my glasses? :nerd_face:

Yallstore is TMart or maybe they are using a name that is close, I don’t know


Can’t figure out why anybody would even CONSIDER anything with “Fire” at the end,only exception would be surefire!

I know this is a budget light forum,in the beginning I learned the hard way with ultrafire, trustfire ect.!!! I know people still like the place where I got this stuff…Tmart!!

In my mind ALL their stuff is junk!

For the most part you get what you pay for! I could not imagine using ultrafire or trustfire batteries in my K40vn, TK61vn, TN31mb, TK75 ect…… I would probably be dead!!

I too am shocked that even after all the reviews and first hand accounts of how lousy the ‘crapfire’ (xxxxfire) batteries are that have been posted here and everywhere else - people are still buying them. Amazing.

Trustfire flames are okay, so seeing fake flames is disappointing. At least it looks like they haven't been able to clone holographic wrappers.

It's too bad some people are still saying Trustfire flames are like any other *fire, especially on this forum where members should know better. There's a huge difference. The biggest is that Trustfire flames test consistently while most other *fire, particular Ultrafire, have very inconsistent results that indicate that cells are recycled from multiple sources. Unmatched cells means they'd be unsafe when used in series.

Why bother with TrustFire (even the real ones) when you can now get Samsung/Sanyo or other quality brand for the same price?

Call me paranoid. I only “trust” genuine AW, genuine Panasonic, genuine Sanyo or genuine Samsung. Nothing else.

That's the best point. Good brand 18650 cells are priced well if you know where to look, and there isn't nearly as been a risk of getting fakes. Unfortunately big brand 26650 or 32650 cells isn't the same.

Agreed!! ALL my cells are GENUINE Panasonic[Orbtronic, Cytac, Eagletac. AW, ect.] :bigsmile:

I do not have any Sanyo or Samsung, but know people who do and they work well for them! I would “TRUST” those batteries because they have a good name ………No trusting Trustfire!!! lol!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one light that takes a 26650. It is an X10vn. The Xtar 4000mAh battery was recommended and tested well. Without anothers suggestion I would not have known where to find one! Just about every time I googled 26650 it came up with Ultrafire or Trustfire!

Xtar doesn't make 26650's. They rewrap and add circuitry just like Trustfire does. Trustfire flame 26650's test well, although protection kicks in rather low for a 26650. Oh wait, does the Xtar 26650 even add protection? Looking at HKJ's review, it looks like all they do is rewrap and nearly double the price. You might as well get a King Kong 26650 button top.

I realize that!!They manufacture them. Orbtronic, Cytac, Eagletac AW ect,don’t make the ACTUAL cell either!!! Panasonic does,The point is buying proven quality and products,not the JUNK and inconsistency of TRUSTFIRE!!!

Show me a review that shows inconsistent results for a real Trustfire flame.

You bought a wrapper. Nothing else. Xtar does not make the cell inside. They didn't even make protection for that cell. You could have bought a Trustfire flame 26650 and removed the protection like some members here do. Paying for a premium rebrand is worth it if they add good protection circuitry, otherwise you're wasting money being a brand snob.

The Xtar 26650 4000mAh does not have protection. I do not need it for the particular Light I am using it for,the light will get dimmer. If I ignore that[which I never had,it just shuts off at 3V.

I am not wasting time and energy proving anything to you!!! Buy what you want LEFTEYE!!

I don't have to prove anything. The reviews you ignored already proved that. So that's one advantage of big brands. You get a solid choice even if you don't want to bother with reviews. If you want to pay about half the price, then you check out the reviews. Yes, I will buy what I want PUSSYKAT1226, while paying less for the same performance.

its gettig so bad now with these bad counterfeit made-in-china batteries we will soon see fake fake cells, and fakes that have a used disposable alcaline inside them.

There are already some UitraFlrc batteries around. Must be a copy of the original fakes :smiley: