More Greetings from Germany

Hi folks,

nice to found this forum. At the moment I build up a nice collection of Solarforce L2 flashlights. I really like the "Lego-compatibility" (don´t know if anybody knows Lego ;) ) and the very good quality of this low budget lights. And the great advantage is the compatibility with the P60 Drop-in´s. These lowdown make it very fascinating.

Furthermore I have a little collection of branded flashlights:

  • Nitecore Extreme XP-E R2
  • Fenix TK12 XP-G R5 (SMO)
  • Olight M20s Warrior XP-G S2 (SMO+OP)

As "engine" I use some 18650/16340 AW´s and flaming Trustfires. For charging I use the XTAR WP2.

So, that´s it so far :beer:

Welcome to BLF!

Enjoy your time here.


Have a nice time here.

Hi there Combative, a warm welcome to BLF! Thanks for introducing yourself.

Hi Combative!

Good to have you here. :)

Herzlich willkommen,

and enjoy your stay. ;-)

Aloha and welcome to BLF Combative!

Hallo :)

Welcome to the BLF, Combative!! You sound like you love to fight

Welcome !