More New Cree Goodness coming....

So latest from Cree is interesting for 2021

Cree XHP50.3-Hi, flat top

Cree now have XPE-2 Green in S5 Flux??

Cree XPG-4


all i got

Dare we hope for some colour uniformity improvements… and high CRI variants ?
The HI 50.3 is surprising, but welcomed.

Thanks for keeping us informed! Looking forward to specs and testing on those!

It was inevitable, they are getting their as?es kicked

Really looking forward to these, thanks. Cree is the only manufacturer with high power LEDs available in warm white options that I’m aware of.

You got my attention.
It’s been too long since the last good emitter from Cree. :slight_smile:

This all sounds great! It seems the selling of the LED division gave them new life. They really were getting passed up by nearly everyone in the industry as far as we are concerned.

50.3 HI I hope turns out with near xhp35 hi surface brightness. If it’s available in something like 3500-4500k and 80-85cri then it will be a huge success IMO. I always thought that was Crees sweet spot. 4A through 6A tints punch above their weight.

XPG4 I’m dying to see but I’m tempering my expectations. Things like the Luxeon HL2X really, really let me down. They had similar claims for which improvements it made over the V2… not even close in reality. … Does the G4 share the same architecture as the XML3? Or 35.2? Or is it something new still and shared with the x0.3’s?

XP-P is out now. Hoping to get one tested soon.

What do you define as high power LEDs?

Many Nichias come warm. SST20 comes warm. Luxeon V2 comes in 3000K.

I’m guessing dmsoule is probably thinking in terms of size and lumen output in a BLF world. So >2000 lumens kind of thing. I understood/agree with them. Other than hard to come by emitters like the GT-FC40 and Nichia 144 / B35 and Luxeon V (70cri only), the only warm emitters suitable for torches putting out over ~2000 lumens are from Cree.

Luxeon MZ, MX.
Quad die Ostar? Not sure.

ADDED: I haven’t seen one tested, but Seoul Y50 should do 2000 as well.

My point exactly, these are all non-popular emitters with often unusual footprints or driving requirements that aren’t met by easy to get drivers. It’s simply an area that Cree has dominated in the past for ease of access and use in budget lights.

I just got my first Luxeon MZ from L4P, haven’t tested it out yet but hopefully I can find a nice host for it. Don’t know if the tint is good on that batch either. Hoping for neutral Duv.

What improvements have been made to the XHP70.3?

I would say that these Luxeons are easier to driver than Cree XHP LEDs except for the cool-only XHP50.2 3V.
Footprint is one of standards. Though clearly less popular than 5050, there are several MCPCB sources.
And there are several LED sources as well.

Unpopular? I would guess that the price is the main reason.

I agree with you Agro. The MZ is one I missed on my list, as it’s 3V and 4040, which is recently becoming a standard footprint with DTP boards available from many sources.

I’m not really saying there is nothing else out there, just that by far Cree had the lions share of sub 5000K, >2000 lumen emitters in flashlights for as long as they existed, and I’m glad to see them coming out with new and potentially relevant products

Interesting update, just when I bought a bunch of new Cree LEDs!

Any idea when the datasheet will be available for the XHP50.3?

Parts are due for release around late May/June so expect data available in May,

Hoping for less tint shift but not holding my breath! Domeless 50 has to be worth something at least.

XHP50.3 HI…Interesting…I thought it said XHP35 when I first read it. Let’s hope it has a good beam profile.

Getting close to these yet? Any updates?