More XM-L flashlights at DX (chapter number......?)

I will write only the interesting, other stuff not

Nothing fancy, waiting for the new 3xml skyray.......... or other more interesting

Nice, they all say they are driven at 3A

I like the 2-mode silver one.

Fran you are amazing! I checked DX about 30 minutes ago, and I was sure that I would find some new items and beat you to it... No such luck. There were no new items. Now there are.

The rivalry continues. ;-)

Muahahaha, I am imbatible!!!

emm, I have my index finger a bit "desgastado de tanto pulsar F5"...

Un saludo!

Ja! ;-) Un saludo también.

What do you make of the beamshot on this one ?

Thats just another reason I usually dont buy from DX.

I never bother looking at Dx. I just wait for Fran82 to make a post.

Yeah! I am constantly pressing the "F5" key in the new arrivals page XD

I noticed that too, really odd looking. I'm surprised they didn't catch it when they posted the pics.

I'm waiting for someone to come out with a 80mm reflector flashlight for XM-L.

Frankly a 70mm one would satisfy me.

Frankly a 70mm one would satisfy me. Or a real deep 55mm recoil design.

Trustfire X6 is 80mm. So the "base" is there. They just have to change it to XM-L. with less heat fins, wah lah. Like the Loongsun/On The Road X6, X5, X3, X381 series. Nothing to it.

At 40mm reflectors league we are doing ard low 20s to 25k.

At 60mm reflectors league we are doing ard 45-50k

50% increase in size = double lux. Usually on paper it is 4X the lux for 2X reflector. We probably can touch 90k for 80mm.

.........and if it was a recoil design 80mm ???????

My TK41 is 51mm wide, and about 50mm deep.

So I'd be VERY happy if a budget XM-L was available with a 60mm wide by 60mm deep SMO reflector. It would be an awesome light. I'm still convinced that the next major advances in budget lights will be with the reflectors, not the emitters.