most efencent small led flashlight

damn spell check anyways i want a flashlight that gives out the most lumens per watt

What is “small”? How long can it be? How wide? How heavy?

smaller the better say less then 3.75 inches and pretty light . the main feature i want is the most lumens per watt

usually that is counter to ‘max brightness’
to get the most lumens per watt, you may not be able to go over say 100 lumens
over that they start heating up a lot

or some point

actually, where is that point, theoretically?

ima start another thread on that… because i don;t really know


Look at Zebralight for their XHP35/XHP50.2 flashlights, they have quite efficient drivers and they are quite compact. XHP 35 High Intensity will have the highest throw, XHP35 (HD, without high intensity) will have less throw but higher flood, while XHP50.2 will have the lowest throw and highest flood but the highest efficiency (the XHP50 will have about the same efficiency but there may be a darker spot in the center at close ranges). Of course Zebralights are relatively expensive but they are the closest to your requirements.

For a lower price you will need to sacrifice your size requirement and maybe a bit of efficiency. I think the Sofirn SP32A uses a buck driver
(so higher efficiency than a linear driver) and you can use the ramping mode to adjust to the output you need. The SP31 uses a buck driver for sure but lacks ramping. If you go bigger the Convoy S11 or the Sofirn SP33 (both use a XHP50.2 LED) would be your best bet without getting expensive.

what i would say do is, get a light that uses an 18650 cell, they have plenty of energy, though the light is not AAA size, and don;t worry about efficiency

18650s have the highest energy/size ratio by far

that will outstrip gains from ‘lumens per watt efficiency’
(you will get more hours of use out of it)

i recommend BLF A6 [not small]
FW3A [not as cheap as BLF A6] (about 3.87”)