Most effective (BEST) pepper spray?

What is the BEST pepper spray available? I'm looking for maximum effectiveness, budget doesn't matter. Should be pocketable.

How about testing some out in the stores?

Cold Steel Inferno hurt me pretty bad one day!

Do you have any experience carrying it in the pocket over longer periods?

I used to carry a bottle of some good brand spray for 5 years daily in my pocket and it never leaked or made any problems. Unfortunately I had to leave it in Austria due to US import laws. Now I don't know anything about US brands concerning quality and so here we go...

I want something with around 1-2 oz and highest strength but it should be legal for me to buy as civilian.

I kinda like this one here:

equally as the inferno but I'm waiting for more recommendations.

This is pretty effective... And is 100% legal to buy as a civilian...

That's my ultimate dream BUT for now I want something more California law friendly (-;

I couldn't Agree more

My girlfriend has the pink one with the Velcro hand grip luckily she hasn't had to test it's effectiveness yet.

Remember guys he lives in the People's Republic of California; the constitution doesn't apply there. ;)

when facing a grizzly bear, you would much rather have the spray. Of course your gun could very easily get you out of the bear predicament - just turn it on yerself

Just grow a handful of TS Morouga or Naga morich peppers, stick em in the blender and then fill up a squirt gun.

heh heh...wasp & hornet spray...heard it will even paralyze snakes with a headshot+ 20 foot range but is not pocketable.

ooops, not a pepper spray...but just couldn't resist postin it.

Wasp spray... never heard of that actually. Whatever it is, I want it now!!

Yeah, Republic of California, I can barely legally leave the house with my Leatherman on the belt^^

And the belt is Blackhawk, that sounds already way too military to be legal around here. Is it a weapon? haha

Naga peppers! I LOVE hot stuff! Mad Dog 44 for life! - the only legal caliber around here!

Fox Labs pepper spray is the Best and Hottest OC Pepper Spray
used by Police and Military Worldwide since 1994.

5,300,000 scoville heat units

link? Free shipping?

Are Australians even allowed to look at pictures of sidearms?


Yes to both!

Currently out-of-stock, but shipping is free.

I have carried CS Spray for years. I am persuaded from what I have read from LEOs that Fox is the best.


We can look but not touch!