Most used Lights......

For all you light freaks, post your most used lights. My lights that are next to the door are my ITP C6t and Romisen RC-N3, the ones that i keep on me for edc are the RC-A4X and Nitecore D10. Out of my collection these are the ones that i favor the most.

If I wasn't so cheap I would buy a Nitecore, those are undeniably good flashlights. And they have a like a 1 week runtime too, right?

On low they can last for days.....i like using it in candle mode with a bottle cap diffuser. Its a shame really.....i got the new ITP SC1 and SA1 for x mas and even though they have the R2 emitters i still have the D10 and Romi on my belt. The C6t gets awesome runtime on max on an 18650cell-3hours-.

ROP High 2D lives at the back door for dog spotting, in case it needs charging, there's a "5W" 3AAA device with LSD NiMH in it. I have a Fenix E01 on the house keys, a 7DayShop AAA on the work keys (Thanks Barrie!) and a Tank007 E07 and a Preon 2 usually on my person somewhere. Not that the dog needs a lot of spotting just now, black dogs show up very clearly against snow. Hoped we'd seen the last of that for the winter, no such luck. At present, the Tank sees most use. they really are very nice. And cheap.

Nice to see someone have lights around.....i wish i had the perfect light...lmao, instead of choosing which one im going to use.

The perfect light would spoil all the fun...

Why would you have any others?

So 69 of my 70 lights would be wasted.

No fun at all..............

Yes i know what you mean, then i would not be considered a flashaholic. lol

In no certain order:

Romisen RC-N3

ITP A1/2/3 series including the stainless steel

Kingpower K1/K2

Eagletac P100C2

Hey how do you like the K1.......

Well it is definitely not for the tactical crowd that is for sure. There is no momentary switch, or mode memory of any type so folks that need a tactical light can look elsewhere. However, in my opinion it is one of the best general-purpose EDC lights I have ever purchased. Everything, from the clicky switch, finish, battery tube, and head are built beyond what the light is priced at. The textured reflector produces a smooth beam with no rings whatsoever. There is no knurling on the light at all, but a lanyard can be attached easily. The medium mode, and high mode are fairly close in output so some may not like that. Overall, I think it offers great value equal to any of the Romisen, ITP, or Eagletac lights, just in a different way.

I have seen good reviews on that light when they first came out......i saw a guy shoot it with a 22cal and the light survived that but the battery didnt. Can you use 14500's in the light.

I believe you can use 14500's but I think you will only get a single "very" high mode. I personally do not have any 14500's on hand. I would contact the manufacturer to verify.

* Features a Cree XR-E premium Q5 LED emitter
* Type III hard anodized finish, aircraft grade aluminum alloy
* Stainless steel head
* Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
* Textured (O.P.) aluminum reflector for flawless beam pattern
* 4 Modes: Med>Low>High>Strobe
* Powered by 1 AA (1.2V/1.5V) battery
* Runs fine with a 14500 Li-ion, but with only 1 mode output
* Input voltage: 0.8v-4.2v
* Digitally controlled circuitry provides constant brightness
* Tail clicky switch
* It can tail stand
* Comes with a premium lanyard
* Output on a 14500 Li-Ion battery is 190 lumens on high

Not bad at all......on a lith rechargeable it is one mode with a max brightness of 190......which would be good for me. Whats the runtime like on nimh.

I have never timed it, but I pretty much believe everything the guys over at light-reviews have to say.

Runtime seems to be great...but no runtime on a 14500 cell. Do you have the OP or SM reflector.

I chose the OP.

Thanks man......i would love your review on what you think about it.