Movie Review: Out of Death (2021)
Back in my hay-day, I used to hit 120-150 movies per year and get the reviews posted THAT SAME evening. Oh how things change! :frowning:
Well, here’s one to remember!

Yeah, dunno what happened with The Bruce.

Even in “Trauma Center”, each scene he was in, it was like he was heavily medicated, spoke in almost slow-motion, with little affect. Not at all like old-timey animated Bruce, as in “Moonlighting”, “Blind Date”, “Die Hard”, etc.

Huh… Lala Kent was in that, too.

Let’s face it: The Bruce is a busy little B.
Four movies with him in it were released this year. And his “post production” list even has TEN titles on it. So for the moment, he can have his cake AND eat it.

And the best is: no alimony for Gimmi Moore.

Bad try again, Bruce. (I didn’t like it.

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Lots of actors go through the motions just to earn a paycheck when they’re older or in the twilight of their careers. A few hundred grand or more per movie each year and before you know it it’s a decent earnings for the year.

That’s putting it lightly. It’s atrocious.

I kinda stopped watching Bruce Willis vehicles after A Good Day To Die Hard. Similarly, The Last Stand killed my enthusiasm for an new non-franchise Arnold movies.

Yea, I dunno whats up with him. He’s in a whole bunch of horrible (not even B-class) Space/Sci-Fi movies

I’d almost take a Steven Seagal movie over one of his new ones at this point…

I liked “Trauma Center”, but Willis kinda sleepwalked through that one as well. Seemed to talk in slo-mo lots of times, too. Eerie, and the exact opposite of his early stuff (“Moonlighting”, “Blind Date”, etc.).

Oh, he has totally lost any drive he ever had.

Huh… forgot this was your thread, so looked up-top, and yeah, I mentioned almost the same thing there as I just did here.

Yeah, he might just need a paycheck to make the bills, dunno.