Mrlite AAA flashlight KC-05(lipstick)

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I'm Richard, from Mrlite. We are the professional manufacture of flashlights. So glad to join this forums. It is really a nice forums. Someone may realize me before. I'm alfred's friend and contact the owner of the forum.

Now I announce our lipstick to you.




Three colors available: Pink, red and golden


Features of KC-05:

1. Twist switch for easily adjusting brightness.
2. Portable, small size suitable for every day carry.
3. Mil-Spec type III hard anodized finish, impact resistant.
4. Made from Aluminum alloy, really strong.
5. Water proof to IPX-8 standard.
6. IC control. Maintain constant brightness.


1.Dimension: head diameter 14.5mm, tail diameter 14.5mm, and length 74mm
2.Torch Lumen and runtime: dim light(21lumens, 3hours), lowlight(38 lumens,2.5hours),normal(105 lumens,1 hours) High light(167lumens, 35mins), super light(180lumens, 25mins) Material: aircraft aluminum alloy T6061
3.Weight: 16g (exclude battery)
4.Mil-Spec type III hard anodized finish
5.Water proof to IPX-8 standard
6.Battery: 1 x AAA rechargeable lithium battery
7.LED type: Cree 7090 XRE(Q2bin)

KC-05 support AAA battery. Followed are the link of KC-05 in our website

Our quality is nice with competative price . We accept paypal. Email sample order, please send paypal to:
We will shipping within 1~2days once got your payment.

Forum discount price:
KC-05: USD15.5

Group buy is welcome and will be discount.

Please notice that the price do not includes the shipping cost.

We will send the goods to you by HK registed air mail unless you request other shipping method.

If you have any questions, you can visit our website: or contact me by email/MSN:

Best wishes


Mrlite tech

Our transformer:


More details.....

Hey, thanks for the info. I like that one!

Does it have a plastic or aluminum reflector? Will you offer more colors soon as the current ones are a bit girlish?

It looks like Daniel from Lightake is selling Mrlite products now too. They do look very nice, just expen$ive.

Yes ,now we have sell this brand ,and we also have Mrlite KC-05 in stock, now there have three color you can choose from ,the red ,pink and the gold color ,only the Mrlite KC-05 is a budget light,now in our price is $14.80+ Free Shipping +5% discount buy it now !

Hi Daniel,

interesting light you have there, are you able to get the 3-mode (H/M/L) also? Many people don't like the strobes/SOS modes.. including me.

Richard, from Mrlite wrote on CPFM that this lite is available in many different mode setups.

Hi Vectrex ,

Nice to meet you here ,and I'm sorry we didn't have the 3 mode flahlight like this ,but i can have a try to ask the manufacurer to offer some three mode flashlight ,but i still don't know weather they are willing or not ! thanks for your advice !

Best Regards,