MT-G2 - Lets measure throw

I’m surprised to see it that high. I would estimate my ultrafire-T90 mod to be much less than that. It was pushing 7amps through a 70mm reflector.

What host?

UltraFire T90 (TrustFire X6 copy), 73mm dia. x53.8mm length
Driven at 5A ish
Intensity: 51kcd in one large smooth hotspot.

Host? It has 1/4” thick walls and aluminum pill (pressed in) topped with copper sheet (forget thickness). Copper emitter base reflowed to copper sheet. 3” PVC pipe is snug and holds what ever position I put it in.

I’m new to measuring lux. For reference, my TN31 measured 13460 (peak again) at 10ft when it was stock.

Subscribed. Thanks for all of your determination in trying to make good use of the mtg2.

Small Sun ZY-T08 , 57.7mm dia. x 38.5mm depth
Drive current (estimated): ~5A
Intensity: 35kcd
Note: Intensity measured after installing DRY driver instead of the one in the mod post.

Ultrafire clone of TrustFire X8
Drive current: ~7A (driver = piece of wire, definition of Direct Drive :wink: )
Intensity: 21kcd

This reading is likely not representative of a dedomed MT-G2. This emitter has been to hell and back several times. It has been reflowed no less then 7 times. Some of them at excessive temperatures on huge copper pills that hold the elevated temps for too long. It has also had wires soldered to it too many times to count. This emitter is one tough hombre.

Worse though, it accidentally touched a black plastic reflector (Defiant xml Spotlight reflector) while it was on once. It instantly melted the plastic and some stuck to it. It was fused to the emitter and I finally had to just let it burn off. There is permanent black residue on the phosphor. Most of the emitter’s hot spot is darkened by this residue. It is clearly visible on white walls and in measurement.

Similar up as in post 1, except Panasonic CGR18650CH’s and emitter at 10 feet because the hot spot is too small. No lens over reflector.

Peak reading 12,790 lux (118.8kcd)

Illumination Machines LUM 5-90

This reflector with the MTG2 makes the most useful, beautiful beam I have ever seen. Wider diameter that a SKR, brighter spill than a SRK, but also has very nice throw. Really lights up an area with beautifully tinted, decent cri light. I have used it with domed and dedomed MGT2. To me, the beam is best with a domed emitter.

Used same damaged Dedomed emitter discussed in Post 9 and 2 Panasonic CGR18650CH’s direct drive. Amperage was measuring 6 to 6.5 amps. Lets call it 6.3 amps. 10 feet with no lens:

Peak reading 5,810 lux (54kcd)

Defiant Super Thrower - 52.3kcd at 4.5 amps

2 NCR18650 laptop pulls in direct drive. Read 4.5amps before lux measurement. AR lens. All my set ups posted in this thread so far have been on Noctigon copper bases. Peak lux reading was 5,630 at 10 feet.

That’s pretty good! I’m getting 38010 lux with my shorty DST, DD, with 2xSiebele 18350 IMR, but I have a 0.5 ohm resistor. Tailcap is ~2 amps. Maybe I should remove the resistor :).

Edit: MT-G2 is also on Noctigon.

At what distance Ohaya? I would like to post you’re measurement in the OP. Each one will contribute to understanding this hard to throw emitter.

ohaya, I’m doing direct drive with a piece of wire from 2xPANA18650PD high drains, resistance mods for all springs. I get ~7A, which the MT-G2 sees comfortable with on copper.
I’m quite confident you can get rid of the resistors safely. J)

I measure the lux at 39 feet, then calculate back to 1 meter, so the number that I posted was at 1 meter (calculated).


P.S. Thanks for doing this!

Yes, I understand. I was being safe when I added the MT-G2, but I just haven’t had time to remove the resistor yet.


sorry, forgot to mention - dedomed and original lens.

Thanks Ohaya. Please update us if you change anything. I think your dedomed emitter is probably the best one out there right now.

Bummer. I was hoping for a lot more from the lum 5-90…. havent even played with mine…

Don’t get bummed. Keep in mind that I was using a wounded emitter. I think the numbers will be better when I try it with a health domed emitter. It’s definitely not a dedicated thrower, but that IM reflector and a domed MTG2 is a thing of beauty. Better flood and far better throw than a SRK. I don’t recall if you are looking for a good thrower for biking. I can’t think of a better setup for biking. I’m working on building a flashlight host for it now. It’s going to be redneck at first, but I can tell you that it will be my go to light for most outdoor situations. It just lights up a big area in front of you with smooth, wonderful light. You don’t realize it immediately, but then you start noticing that you see all kinds of stuff you don’t see with other lights.

EDIT: I will still need my SRK’s though. More compact and longer run times. Gotta love them. Like everyone else, I’m anxiously awaiting texaspyro’s driver.

I dedomed another MTG2 last night with heat while reflowing my Defiant spotlight. Well, I should say partial dedome. I removed all the silicone except for a small layer that is right over the diode array. I was afraid I would remove some of the phosphor with it. Partially dedoming with heat seems pretty safe. I didn’t have any phosphor lift off with the silicon. The remnants of silicon over the diode array will cause some artifacts, but at least the light will be emitted from a much smaller surface area.

Next time I will use the heat of the led and be more bold. Maybe the heat will create an air bubble in that area before I even start. Working in baby steps here.

Hopefully, I get the spotlight to a point that I can measure lux tonight. I am concerned a little about the emitter. It had a colder tint than expected in the previous light I was using it in. Before removing it from it’s base, I notice it had at least a partial gap to the base’s thermal pad. When I unsoldered it, there was not much solder on the pad. Hopefully, the emitter was not hurt by that. Here it is. You can see there are is some silicone over the diode array. There is also a fairly wide phosphor layer surrounding the diode array. I really want to get the last remaining silicone off. I hope to attempt that soon.