MT09R Version 70.2 New 20k lumen Driver from TA

TA will ship internationally if buyer pays shipping.

Hey guys,

Okay after over a week of negotiating I finally have some MT09R 70.2 lights on the way.

This was not at all easy to accomplish. The company did not want to ship out any at all until after the new driver has been completed and installed in the lights.

That will still be several weeks from now, so I have been working on this for the last week and here is the arrangement I was able to finally accomplish.

First, I would like to ask if we could all no longer say modify when we are referring to the driver. Yes, TA is hand assembling these drivers himself (Thanks very much for that by the way) but, the design will be exactly the same once Haikelite begins producing the drivers themselves in 5 possibly 6 more weeks. So, the driver actually will be the same as the stock driver. I had some one mention to me on YouTube that my video was a modified version and it is not at all. My personal light even still has stock NW emitters. Haikelite has contracted TA for this driver design and as long as the exact plans are followed the drivers should be the same. So as far as the driver is concerned it really is not a mod we are just lucky enough to have the designer building us enough of them for us himself.

Now emitter swap out sure that is totally a modification.

Now on to the good parts.

I am only getting 30 units total and only 2 colors. The 2 colors are Blue and Green.

I will be getting 15 of each of them and all are shipping with only NW Neutral White emitters which actually perform far better than the CW Cool white emitters did. The reason is just as TA suspected they are a much higher quality. I just wanted to be sure everyone knows this while making decisions.

TA naturally has access to even higher bin and quality emitters that still perform even better than the stock NW.

My personal 70.2 for now I have left the stock NW emitters and I am easily getting 20k lumen. TA has a wide variety to offer that are getting into 22k lumen and a little above. You can find TA's page with all the prices listed for pretty much any 70.2 emitter you can think of.

I am not sure how well everyone understands wholesale, but I am sure that TA can agree with this. By them only allowing me to order 30 units total instead of 75 to 100 units I lose about a 30 percent discount I would be getting for purchasing more units. So, the price will be a little more but really not much more and still nowhere close to full retail.

Being that all of the lights are the same except for the color choice the price will be the same. And Dale is going to go nuts when he reads this. The price is $120.00 and that includes my shipping costs to TA. After shipping I will clear about 14 to 18 dollars per unit and PayPal still gets a nice little cut of that so that will put me closer to 12 per unit. I kept the price as low as I can to allow for paying TA $20.00 for the driver.

All of this shipment will come to me without drivers. I saw no need at all to have the old driver installed only to have it removed.

You can still request shipping directly to you and order the driver from TA and you can install in yourself if that is an option some of you may want.

Also I do have I think 4 or 5 of the original drivers in my repair stock if someone wants to just have the original driver installed.

I already have the lights entered into my stores inventory and it is simple there are only 2 choices. The color, green or blue. All emitters are the same.

Please make sure that you send me a PM or email at sends e-mail) and let me know where you want your light shipped. Please include your full name and address as it will show on your PayPal account.

I will begin shipping all orders out on the same day which is the 18th. That is as fast as I could get them here and that cost a ton by the way.

Here is the URL that will take you directly to the MT09R 70.2 page.

If I have forgotten anything please feel free to ask but, I think I have covered most of what may be asked at least my part of it lol.

By the way I asked Texas Ace about international shipping and he is willing to ship outside of just the US and Canada provided the customer pays the shipping. So now a lot of you guys that wanted in on these deals can be included as well...

I also have 2 MT09R 35High models left in stock. Both are white (silver, I have no idea what they call that white) 1 Cool White emitters and 1 Neutral White emitters. I have already installed the new TA driver in both of these which give you better power and output both are consistently 6500 to 6700 lumen. Also Narsil U.I. so now there is excellent thermal control.

Haikelite has contracted TA for this driver design so in 6 to 8 more weeks this driver will be stock in this light but will not be this price I can promise that. Normal retail before the driver upgrade is supposed to be $175.00 for the 70.2 version. Once the factory begins shipping lights with the new driver prices as low as I have it set now will not be available.

And just in case there is any doubt about just how powerful this light now is with the new TA driver have a look below.

Where do these lights ship from? The ones bought from your website “ he said she said sales”

Terry the color is Blue or Navy Blue?