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So which 18650 would you recommend for the D4?

30Q? GA? VTC6?

I pretty much only use GA cells in my lights and was leaning this way. I figure the little extra capacity would come in handy.

Wow Richard. You are absolutely the best. At 3:30 this afternoon I pushed the button on an order for 3 C8 hosts and Bistro drivers. At 4:20 I received an email telling me the order shipped!

At this time of year I am getting people asking about throwers for their boats so they can see channel markers and shorelines from a good distance away. Most are new to the modern age of flashlights and are extremely impressed with my offerings. Without your service I wouldn’t be able to provide for them in a timely fashion.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you and wish you and your family the best always. Happy Independence Day to you and all my American friends!!!

So, I’m here with my paypal account ready and waiting. I’m prepared to throw down for a D4 in green with Nichia and an extra 18350 and 18500 tube and a couple other things. Since it’s Independence Day, I’ll give you a pass. :wink: Enjoy some dogs and burgers, Richard! Thanks for running such a cool company.

Take my money Richard.
I trust IOS and Mtn…. :slight_smile:
Paypal ready…

I still want to see a picture of this new light…

These pics dj?

Hey guys, the D4 PRE-ORDER listing is now up. 18350 tube too. There are some pictures there as well.

Order placed for 3 lights along with 3 18350 tubes.

Thank you

Look at those… Those are tears of joy I bet…

Does it have a clip?

Also what is the minimum? Is this something I can easily mod to a triple?

Pretty nifty looking little light. What kind of driver does it have? FET driver?

Why would you want to make it a triple?

RMM, you don’t mention XP-L flux bin. V3?

I do not know the flux bin for sure on the XP-L---it wasn't specified. It is most likely whatever flux bin is currently in stock at IOS.

No clip that I've seen. I don't have the sample light anymore so I don't know if any of the others fit it or not.

FET+7135 driver.

I have drilled trit optics in triple. I also have different leds that I prefer in triple boards.

BTW, any chance you might carry components for some of the other driver designs? Some use a 4.7 ohm resistor and a 0.1 uF capacitor, which I don’t see listed. Or parts for lighted tailcaps, which often need some trial-and-error tuning to get the values right.

Of course, you’re also not Digikey and these parts have pretty much zero useful margin. It may not make sense to carry parts which aren’t used on your drivers.

Just pre-ordered one in green with an 18350 tube. Looking forward to this for sure! Thanks Richard.

How how about that, you are just to fantastic Mr. R., good idea I guess but as always the last to know ha ha, glad I stop by now & then,
You gave all the reason I thought that might be a great idea, I sure wouldn’t drop a lot of money with any other vendor like this, but a Richard and a Hank like I mentioned is like money in the bank.
Plus once the word gets out about pre-sales, you’ll be the first to know what is selling out fast and have the money to easily get your restock underway earlier and without using your money ha ha.

So I’ve got my order placed now for 4 D4’s with tubes, thank you thank you very much… however,
While ordering the 350 tubes I noticed your pics show a difference? I thought they’d be similar to your pics above and the grey is similar, but the green has some ribs on it and not smooth, plus no pic of black…

So, now I can just relax and worry about all the other darn lights I’m trying to remember to get my hands on, that is now 28 lights this year, is that a problem…?

By the way just sort of briefly,
I bought 8 Aspire 18350 cells from Aspire directly, didn’t you also mention you have an order in as well and on it’s way Mr. R…?

They are so nice I definitely need to buy another 8, especially for this light, and I can and will wait for yours to arrive in store and won’t pay that crazy shipping costs from Aspire twice,
I looked and I don’t see them posted yet at your store and their shipping really isn’t slow at all for average people, but maybe the quantity ordered might be different for you, many individuals are buying these up direct from Aspire like I did and I’d guess they are having issues keeping up with demand.

Idea number 2, A pre-order for the Aspire 18350 1300mAH 15A

I believe that the 18350 pics on Richard’s site are actually the green light with the 18350 tube and the grey light with an 18500 tube. The thread where Hank posted pics shows the three sizes side by side. Here’s the pic:

Also, I hope that Richard gets some of the Aspire cells in. I ordered a purple Efest, but with so much less capacity compared to the Aspire, I wonder if it’s going to be relegated to another light down the road.