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RMM’s Sales Thread - Mountain Electronics LLC

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What’s New?

  • Remote switch for M24 Sniper
  • Dedome option for Maxtoch M24 Sniper
  • Trustfire 6000mAh Protected 32650 Battery
  • Convoy ready-to-run lights (M1, C8, S6)
  • Convoy L4 U2-4C emitter option
  • Convoy L4 Extension Tubes
  • Momentary options for all FET drivers
  • Supfire M6 Mod 2 V2, with integrated temperature sensor
  • Ledil CUTE Optics for the 32mm XP Noctigon
  • XM-L2 T4 6A2 80+ CRI LEDs on Noctigon MCPCBs
  • XM-L2 U2 3C on 12mm Aluminum MCPCB

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Batteries can only be returned within 15 days after arrival only if defective. If defective, I will reimburse for return shipping.
Anything else can be returned within 30 days after arrival whether defective or for any other reason as far as items are still in “like new” condition. If defective, I will reimburse for return shipping; for any other reason buyer pays for return shipping.

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If you have any problems or questions about placing an order or an order you have already placed, please PM me.
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Those are some great prices!

Question - What brand are the protection circuits/wrappers? Are there any reviews of the batteries you're offering?

Obviously there are a lot of reviews on the batteries inside the wrappers, but what are the details of the protections circuit, maximum discharge they will permit before tripping? Can they be reset by the more common chargers out there? Overcharge protection, etc,.

Good luck in your sales!

I figured I’d get asked that question. :slight_smile:
The cells reportedly use Seiko protection circuits that cut off at approximately 3.0 to 4.2 volts. I cannot confirm this at this moment because I don’t have any other quality protected cells (KP) to compare with. I am busy tonight, but I will do an overcharge/discharge test as soon as possible.

Sorry I don’t have more answers for ya, I will try and find out more and let you know soon.

If only this came 2 weeks sooner. My FT 20rs that I ordered two weeks ago finally just shipped.

Great prices! Best of luck w the sales!

Great price for Protected Panny B’s in the US. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

It's nice to have a vendor in the USA offering that driver. Now it'll only take days to get one instead of a month.

Ordered 6 unprotected,

Sent an order for a couple of drivers.


Are you taking international orders, & if so, are there any additional shipping fees?


im going to order 3 of those samsungs for my btu supershocker :slight_smile:

edit: these are REALLY good deals for inside the us


Good luck, and thanks for the great offers!

Shipping to Canada?

It’ll be great to have these readily available in the US. Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Order form submitted. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’ll have to admit that I haven’t done my homework on shipping these things internationally. I didn’t think there would be much demand for it; I’ll take a look and see what the most economical and reliable way to ship these internationally is. Any insights would be appreciated.

It’s not like I’m on a different continent. Look up, I’m right over your head.

Ouchyfoot, your’e on Mars! What do mean, continent? With customs, you may as well be on another planet! lol

Gah, wish I could afford a big box of 20Rs... :~

(BTW, that pricing schedule requires far too much poking at a calculator, might be better to list it by quantity = price each so the math is easier) :glasses:

If you can ship to Canada, I’ll be ordering a substantial batch today.

It gets bloody dark up here this time of year!

Actually, we have a free trade agreement. If customs does check it, which is rare, I only have to pay HST tax, which I’d have to pay anyway if I bought them just down the street.

Hey guys, looks like I can’t ship to Canada using USPS unless they are shipped inside of a device. I will be working on a solution to that problem. Looks like you can ship I am also looking into UPS, Fedex, etc. but it sounds like they have been charging too much for customs services.

comfychair, thanks for the feedback. I will update the OP and pricing schedule to reflect the overall price/cell breakdown.