Multi XHP70 NW Flashlight

Does this exist? A commercial stock flashlight with 3-4 XHP70 NW emitter?

After receiving my Thorfire S70 today, I have to say, I am in love with this new emitter. Incredible power! Thanks again M4D M4X for the code.



That´s too much!

I have been checking some videos and beamshoots, no doubt this is going to be the future. The future is now!

3x26650 “EDC Light” :stuck_out_tongue:

EDC stands for Extreme DeClogger (aka toilet plunger :smiley: )

So you just hold it over the toilet, close your eyes and turn it on right? ZAP! FWOOOOOSH!

I checked the 3 links in the second post
None of those lights is a triple XH-P70. Only the first links to a triple, but only a ’35 or ’50 is a zombie site, Ric has been MIA since around the first of the year.

Not sure what you are talking about. I just clicked his second link and it’s the xhp70 TN36UT with three emitters.