I want multimeter! Innocent

Do I need a multimeter?


rechareable one 26650

" one 18650

primaries one CR123a

Best place and what brand for primaries "AA" to purchase for 1st wife she doesn't want rechargeables.

I await your advice.

EVERYONE should have a multimeter. I got by with a cheap multimeter for the last few years, but I recently bought a fluke 289.

I suggest buy fluke and be done with it. It will last for years and years. I wish I would have just bought a fluke to begin with.

I'd say that if you are using rechargeables of any sort a multimeter is good to have.

But if you are using multi cell lithium lights a multimeter is essential. But you don't have to spend much for the basics - $10-15 will be fine.

For AA primaries - avoid anything that says "zinc carbon" or "heavy duty". These will last no time and are pretty much certain to leak if not checked constantly. Alkalines I am not fond of, but they are ubiquitous. All brands have been known to leak and then eat whatever they were in. As long as you avoid the suspiciously cheap and light ones (I can get 8 "Sony" branded alkies for a pound - they weigh roughly half of what a Duracell does. And last no time. And leak). The quality of alkalines is easily enough compared by their weight. Heavier is better usually.

Which leaves us with lithium primaries. They have little or no more capacity than alkalines but are considerably lighter. They have not been known to leak though doubtless someone somewhere has managed to make them do Bad Things.

Unfortunately Energizer has the technology patented to death and they are extracting monopoly rents. Or in other words they are ludicrously expensive for what they offer. I can get two Eneloops for the price of one Energizer Ultimate Lithium here. And the Eneloops will be usable for years, and will generally give more light as they have a lower internal resistance so can provide more current. Alkalines work best at low current draws, their capacity drops like a stone at higher current draws. The lithium primaries are better in this respect.

I have had my Fluke 77 since the mid 80's, still going strong and gets used very often not just to test batteries or switch continuity.

You will be amazed how often you will use one if you have one.

You can get a decent one at Radio Shack locally for about $30.
Just get a full size one and not one of those smaller ones or at least check to make sure that whatever you get has the 10A setting for checking current.
I had a smaller one that couldn’t check any current over 1A (it was less than that actually).

Just go to Sears they usually have this one on sale for $11.99 and it will do everything you need.

muldy meter lol! I like this guys videos though, I've seen them before.

Check out this video too.

Today I was looking in my car bugout bag and found that my ITP SA2 was non-functional . I immediately checked the Energizer Lithium batteries . One measured .34 volts and the other , .56 volts . If I had stored alkaline batteries in this light , they might have leaked and possibly damaged my light . New lithium primary batteries solved the problem .

I have since found a better place to store my light because I believe that the light was accidentally turned on while the bag was shifted at some point .

I only use lithium primaries in my AA lights just to avoid ruining my lights with alkalines . I have already lost a few lights over the years to leaky alkalines .

Are you in the wrong thread? lol

Quote from OP

" Best place and what brand for primaries "AA" to purchase for 1st wife she doesn't want rechargeables. "

I believe lithium primary batteries are worth the extra cost .

I suppose I didn't have to tell the whole story , but sometimes I do anyway .

Gotcha, I forgot he asked about AA batteries.

Mastech multimeters - best prices, unbelievable!

Maybe these are Mastech fakes i dunno. Even cheaper than ebay!!

Go to your local Walmart and buy this one. It supposedly one of the best multimeters you can for your money.