Multimode 1xAA OSRAM light

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a multimode 1xAA OSRAM light. I currently have the Uniquefire AA-S1, which produces a very beautiful beam, but it's too bright. What do you think about the Ultrafire RL-168?

It's either two modes or 6 modes depending on which site you find it on. It looks very high quality. Price varies greatly between $23 and $40. I suspect the BestOfferBuy item is sold out, since it's no longer in stock at DX. Any other 1xAA OSRAM multimode lights that you know of?

Thanks a lot!

All the RL series Ultrafires use Osram LEDs. There just aren't all that many models of it. It should be possible to stick a resistor in the AA-S1 to tame the current a bit and drop the output. Will have a look at the tailcap of mine and see if I can modify it for lower output and longer runtime. With more than 2A from the cell, this one is going to kill alkalines in short order - I'd expect 35-45 minutes depending on when the driver decides it has had enough.

Ideally for me, multimode is the way to go. Frequently I do need high output for a few seconds or minutes, after which I switch it back down to the lowest mode. I wish they made more multimode OSRAM lights, especially in my preferred 1xAA configuration.