Multismart 3000 charger these look good any feedback on them


I am in the UK and I am looking for a intelligent charger with capacity and discharge feature, this look very good but I cannot find much information online about it, anyone have any information or feedback, I think it looks good and ticks most boxes.


It looks like a clone of this:

For that price, you could probably get a Zanflare C4 which is well regarded.

Hi, the C4 does not come with a UK 3 pin power supply, I don’t fancy adding another power socket adapter.

Multismart 3000 arrived, so far I have charged 4 18650 sanyo protected cells, and done a charge/discharge/charge test on some panasonic xxx aaa cells, the displayed voltage does change as the cells are charged/discharged as do the mah and time. The display lights up when cells are inserted or when any of the buttons are pressed. The charger meets all BS1363 measurements.
I will test further, so far it seems to be well built and 7 day shop delivered it in 3 days.