Multitool recommendations

Leathermans and Gerbers round here cost way too much to be considered. A full size tool like the Gerber Diesel will cost close to $200.

I like the idea of the SOG tools (But local prices get close to a week's pay). Victorinox prices are too silly for words...

Suggestions available from HK/China.

If you are looking for a budget oriented one, I bought a Carolina brand one years ago and it seems fine. I like being able to "flip" the jaws out. It is all stainess, not pot metal.

I bought mine years ago for $13, but have since seen them and SMKW on a rack for $5. Meant to pick some up last time, but forgot....

Also, a guy on CPF has the Gerber 450 and knife combo for $27. I think he already mentioned that he would ship overseas if needed. Think this is a smaller one.

It will be interesting to see how this thread grows!

I found an excellent multitool on sale at home depot for $10. I think it was a Stanley? Big sucker and amazing price.

I've got this scissors multitool on the way. I'll let you know what I think of it when it arrives. It looks identical to my Leatherman Micra. It's probably not machined as nicely but for $3, it looks worth a try.

Someone posted a link to a place that had a leatherman wave knock off which looked VERY nice. Wish I could find it again! I think it was around $10.
There it is. Looks amazing for the price!

I wish I had more faith in inexpensive multi-tools. The only ones I've tried, no-name brands with company logos, have been terrible. They've instilled in me a deep prejudice against chineese steel. Having said that though, I've had more Gerbers break on me than any other brand. Recently, I've been using a Leatherman Skeletool which I picked up for ~$37. It's been the handiest so far.

I love my leatherman wave and leatherman charge. Both excellent and have held up to some good abuse!

I've got this one from eBay, .

I'm using it only lightly, and it's ok, but the knife isn't really sharp, the screws (the big ones that hold the knife, saw, etc.) get loose very often, it doesn't lock very well, and it's sometimes tricky to use the scissors.

But for 12$ it's really fine.

Leatherman has two new "beginners" multi tools - the wingman and the sidekick, selling for 30$-40$.

Should be good.

I also heard bad things about the Wave knockoff above. I'd rather go with those Ganzos, which seem to have reasonable quality:

Jeep with tools accessible without opening the pliers, but no locking tools. 13.77$ @DX

or this Gerber Copy which locks but has a few completely useless tools. 11$ @DX.

Fellow member Vectrex found out that there is a new tool coming, the ganzo g301, with locking tools accessible from the outside. Will wait if that one comes out for a reasonable price (you can get it for 45USD + shipping bundled to a g703 on ebay).

I wrote to and a few HK-Dealers if they will be stocking it, if you did the same the chances would probably improve.

This is the one to go for. I have it, bought it from the above link. It really is a nice piece of work for less than $11. The four main tools have a pretty solid liner lock. It has good quality metal, and the workmanship is nothing to scoff at.

I'm also interested in the new Ganzo that was mentioned with locking tools, but for $45 I might as well buy a real Leatherman.

I love my leatherman wave and leatherman charge


I have given a (cleaned/polished) leatherman PST to my father in law, he thought is was new

In reality it had at least 3 previous owners and was almost a decade old. Last month I had a look (about 7 years later) and it was still going strong.

He is farmer and uses it often.

There are often 2e hand leatherman's for sale at the CPF marketplace

You can't go wrong with Victorinox Swisstool or Swisstool Spirit. They are around 60-70$ but worth the money with lifetime warranty.

After reading good reviews on about the ganzo multitools I purchased one of these

For the money it's a great multitool. But i ordered the silver and they sent the black. It would appear silver is out of stock now. One of the reasons I went for that model is the the blades are none locking, therefore making it OK to EDC here in the UK.

Meets exactly my opinion. But don't let them lay around. Two of mine got stolen. And don't hand it over to my wife, she managed to break off one of the blades.

Try and dig up a used Leatherman... they still provide warranty service even on second or third hand tools. If you need a non-locking version the Juice line is very good. I have a SOG Pocket PowerPlier as well as a Gerber MP600 (both bought used for a song) and I go back to my Juice all the time.

I use a leatherman wave as my edc and use a leatherman core for work..the core is just a nasty brute of a thing and i've even used the flat sides as a hammer..great for work..that skeletor looks awesome though..I may have to pick one of those up..

Maybe you should get the Victorinox He-Man instead... it always wins.... lol.

haha oh man..pre-coffee post for sure..

Yeowch. It always hurts to see people mistaking blades for pry bars.

I use a Leatherman Wave that I picked up (ab)used for $20. The original owner had managed to break the smaller reversible driver bit, mess up the liner lock on the main blade and somehow got one of the pivots to nearly seize.

I sent that in for repair and they fixed it up no questions asked. They even sent two new driver bits back with it so I'd have a spare.

Did you by any chance contact ? They are offering it now, but they do have to cut down the price because the Ebay price is a lot better.