Must have budget flashlights?

Heh, I got into flashlights after I got interested in 18650 batteries first.

Got myself a Jacob A60 and am liking it very much :slight_smile:

Then I got myself a L2T with the famous Manafont dropin and I am liking it very much too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now I am hooked! Must. Get. More!

What budget 18650 lights are considered to be “must have” lights?

There are plenty of opinions on ‘must have’ lights here and here .

How ’bout a small EDC sized 18650 like this:

simple cylinder shape, easy to pocket. A search on TM, MF, KD, DX, InO or other sites and you’ll find plenty to choose from.

I would say a good c8 is a good addition to any collection, I love them, and Rica apex st6 is a real nice light in a small form, it currently on a group buy at fancy flashlights

I love this light and the missus has been happy to carry it too although a rain/crisps/bag error has resulted in a little upsetting corrosion, I’ve only just got home so I don’t know if it can be polished out, I’ll give it a go this week but the light is mighty damm fine I have to say.

Once you become a flashaholic, the simplest answer is:

“all of them”


Of course sir, you are correct.