*MUST READ* The best holster I've ever seen: Olight M Series M20 Holster

The Olight M Series M20 Holster is very well constructed with double stitching and hard inserts to maintain its shape and form. It makes all the budget light holsters look like complete junk!!

Although you have a choice, my preferred method of carry for holstered flashlights is lens down, and this works out perfectly with this holster. There is a hole in the bottom of the holster for light to pass through without having to remove the light from the holster. Also, there is a hole at the top so you can access the clicky to activate the light without removing it from the holster (the tailcap protrudes about .8 inches past the holster flap allowing for fast removal or activation). The flap is secured by Velcro. Its compact, elegant and VERY functional. They included collapsible elastic pouches sewn to each side of the holster body to carry 4 x 16340's or 2 x 18650 additional batteries... all in a very compact, sporty design. The pouches are almost flush and unnoticeable when not filled with batteries. BRAVO OLIGHT!!!

Obviously this was designed for Olight's M20, which it accommodates very well. But I've also found it to work equally well with P60 size lights.

A few lights I've tried so far will give you a great idea of what this holster will handle:

UltraFire 504B

SKYRAY S-R5 18650

SpiderFire SSC P7 - this would be about the largest light (width of head and overall length) that would reasonably fit this holster without trying to stretch it.

I bought 5 more of these holsters at http://sap196.channeladvisor.com/p-318-olight-m-series-m20-holster.aspx (www.outfittercountry.com) for only $5 each + shipping, and they all have fantastic uniformity and quality from sample to sample. You can find them on eBay and many other places as well.

If you need a tactical holster for your P60 or similar sized lights, this is by far the best I've seen anywhere. Plus, they are a steal at only $5. I never would have got one hadn't one come included with my M20 Warrior, but now I'm hooked. Buy one and report back here about how friggen awesome they are!

Nobody has anything to say about this holster?

Well, It looks like a good holster. Lots of pockets for extra stuff etc. The $5 a piece deal looks good and I would certainly get some if I were using holsters.

The hole in the bottom makes it look like it could be used to carry an unfolded multi-tool.

If you need a tactical holster for your P60 or similar sized lights - not thtat much need for tactical holster.

I like the holster to cover all of the light, it is easy to damage the tail switch with this holster if you drop it.

1 would cost me $7.84, shipping cost is the reason i do not buy from them.

Good idea! I dont have any of the larger multitools, just the regular sized leatherman. Although it will hold the tool while opened, the holster is a bit on the large size for that. If I were doing line work, it could be useful in that or a similar capacity, as the tool is at the ready and easily accesses.

If you're using the holster to protect the light while you're not wearing it, then a full flap holster is definitely the only way to go. But while wearing a holster, most impacts for me come from below... as in crouching or picking stuff up. In that capacity, its a non-issue as it remains protected, at least for me. Like most people, I usually don't wear holsters either but I'm going to start while I'm camping or in the outback. I also love the quality of this one and the idea of extra batteries at the ready... besides, I'm a friggen gadget freak! Oh I need help! (as we probably all do).

My brother has the Olight M20 and I was impressed with the holster. The fact that it can hold spare batteries is the main reason; and I ordered one for myself.

It fits a few of my lights (single 18650) quite nicely

If you hadn't seen your brothers, would you have ordered one for yourself? I know I sure wouldn't have before physically seeing it. Now I'm very pleased because the pics don't do this thing justice. The quality is better than most of my expensive nylon handgun holsters. Your thoughts?

I have let my PayPal account do the talking!!

I liked it the moment I laid my eyes on it. I have several holsters that came with the lights I've bought, but this one just impressed me with its functionality.

It's well made and fits my Eagletacs quite nicely (and a couple others).

Interesting. Personally, I don't carry my flashlights in a holster unless I'm hiking out in the woods but I'll be sure to forward the link to some of my buddies in law enforcement. From the looks of it, it should nicely accomodate a backup light, some batteries and maybe even a small backup can of OC (better have it and not need it than need it and not have it ;)). Thanks.

This is the story of my car :)

A ton of assorted "stuff" accompanies me everywhere. Which I am missing as my car is buried in snow 150 miles from here. My mother's car which i am using doesn't have space for a ton or so of assorted "stuff". Which is all stranded in my car anyway....

I have holsters for just about all of my lights but they end up getting used for storage, the ones I'm using at any given time are almost never in holsters.

Don't like it ...don't like holsters in general ....Odd since for the last X years I've designed built and sold ...holsters ,cases,pouches..I saw it and shrugged .. glad you found something you like ,it looks well made ..would hate to spoil your fun ..enjoy it .

try as I may i really tried to buy an Olight too .. they just didn't do it for me .

the question was for 1/2 price would you buy a quality light ..?? The answer wasn't all that simple

I just tried using the battery side pouches to hold other smaller LED lights. They work perfectly well for all AAA as well as some smaller AA lights, like the ITP A2 EOS, Tank 007 E07 and up to the size of the Hugsby P31.

I'm likeing this holster so much that I might need to strap it on and load it down with lights, then go streaking in the middle of the night to check out its true ergonomic capabilities. Perhaps a spirited night time jog naked through the city to see if the holster flops around while in a full sprint would be a worthy test... such a pain in the kiester when things flop around and such. LOL! I wonder if Olight sells matching ballistic cordura nylon M20 jock straps? Now that would be the way to accessorize! Oh, here they are. Darn this hobby! Now Its time to use my PayPal again and spend more money on junk I don't need. Urgh! Photos to follow, once I accessorize with my fake flame trustfires and Olight jock strap.

Wait I thought thats what the hole in the top was for ....

Attaching anything to Mr. john P. Dinklmiester and running about town seems like asking for trouble ..Now I understand why you don't normally use a holster ....

How about some duct tape or a bungie..maybe a hose clamp or two .. just tossing out some ideas ...eww I gotta use some purell just thinking bout it ..why did I click that link ,,,,,

Haha... gotcha!

My eyes, my eyes! I can't see!

Damn it FlashPilot! Laughing

Please dont ban me for that! LOL! :D

I recieved mine today. Ordered the 12th. Shipped the 13th and arrived here in Europe

today the 15th. That is very very fast shipping. If I were a dreamer: I would wish DX, KD etc,

but oh no.

The holster is very good quality. Suits my WF-502D nicely. The sidepockets can be used to

keep my C3 and/or AA S1, or a spare 14500 for any of them, or 2 18650´s for the 502D.

Very versatile use. Easy to attach to belt due to velcro, or use a express clip through the

ring on the back of the holster.

Thanks for the link Flashpilot

PS: The price have gone up: I gave 4.99$ and now its 6.00$

I recently purchased an M20-X, and have been very pleased with it, as well as the holster that came with it. When I first got it, the side "pockets" were used to house two CR123 tubes; then one CR123 tube and a 18650 lithium ion batery. Now, it holds one 18650 battery, and my newly acquired Fenix e15 (Great little light, by the way - nice little backup light). The construction seems very solid, and I'd gladly buy another one down the road, for other lights. I'm using a Pelican 1010 case which snugly houses ten 18650 batteries.

Anyway, I love the case almost as much as the light, itself!