must sell fast copper lumitop fw3a flashlight cree 6500 SOLD

it is the flashlight only 45 bucks plus shiping you can email me a prepayed label if you want


I’m tempted.
What area of ATL are you in?

im on lanier in gainesville ga

Marietta / Galleria area. Too far to save on shipping.

yeah thats a long drive i used to live in marrietta near the sqaure

What kind of cell is coming with? Or just flashlight.

opps i think no cell sould be better i forgot about the hassle to ships batterys

So, how much would be send to SoCal from your place? Weight seem about 5oz. their web says.

what i do is just have you email me a prepayed usps pdf label and i print it and put on box and send it

I will take it. PM sending.


to be on the safe side do shiping weight at 14 ounces for box and etc etc

It’s sometimes more expensive but USPS flat-rate is great for when you don’t want to bother with weighing items (or don’t trust your cheapo scale like me).

I was going to say… thats a deal. I think its $60 with a coupon code


ps it is a wonderful light just not my type of light i had no idea how heavy it would be

I just got the flashlight. It came safe and sound and as I was expected 6oz. total. 5.3 for exact weight. Works fine as also expected. Compare to my other Aluminum body and Titanium body models, this copper body heats up very quickly. 20 sec max to hold in turbo mode.

Back to marietta, is miss kitty’s still there? She used to have an armadillo perched on the cash register