My armytek wizard pro problem

My usb magnet doesnt work right
The batt voltage is 4.02V but when i put it into my wizard pro, it cant charge all the time, sometime it work sometime it doesnt
Can you tell me why please, thank you

Looks like it worked the first time. The charger was probably getting info from the cell when You unhooked it. Mine does that also if I rush things.

So my charger is still work, right?

I think so. Mine does same thing and it works.
Tighten tail cap and then loosen it and it should go from blinking red to solid red.

I tried the other battery and it does the same thing when batt voltage is 4.00v or higher
When it lower than 4.00V, it doesnt happen

charger might be calling a cell above 4 volts charged.

Mine has do this since I got it. I don’t think there is anything wrong.

Oh, thank you so much bro =D