My Baby Girl!!!

I just wanted to share with my friends here the new addition to my family!

Her name is Averi Rachelle. She was born on 6/20/12 and was 16.5 inches long and weighed 6 pounds 6.5 ounces.

This is my second child, her brother is 2 and his name is Daniel Joseph Dale (he got two middle names). He was so happy to have a little sister! Kids just amaze me just how smart they are and how sweet they know to be to a newborn. Anyway just wanted to post a pic and do a bit of bragging! I'm so very proud of my family!


She's a beauty .

Congratulations .


Awwwwwww <3.

Congratulations, our latest is two months old and good as gold.

Is your two year old like ours? Amused as hell when daddy turns on a torch and let’s him play? I just stick to low output ones set on low as he does like to look at the emitter… :8) 8)

Congrats! Why isn’t she holding a flashlight in her hand??

Our three year old every time she sees me playing with a flashlight she says "mine" and wants to have it. Once I give the flashlight to her she mostly enjoys throwing the beam to everyone's face...

Congratulations. What a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing/bragging about her.

Thanks guys!! My 2 year old son loves torches! He runs the dogs crazy with them!
My little girl is good as gold too she sleeps well and nurses great and does’t cry really at all.
Congrats on your two month old as well!


I was expecting a cool new flashlight based on the title. I thought you were just being funny. Kind of dissapointed to see a human baby. I have seen them before, wasn’t impressed.

What a sweety, congrats!!

Beautiful, congratulations to the proud parents!

She's adorable.. thanks for sharing the picture of your baby girl .

Awesome. Congrats.

Awesome , Congratulations , to both of you !

LOL I figured I would get someone!

Hey BlueBeam, congratulations on your beautiful girl.

Congrats! Shes Beautiful.