My collection "beam shots"

sorry for the poor pics my first attempt..

AA Maglite with 1w nite eyez drop in..

Led Lenser V2 triplex

£2 ebay cheapo

2D Mag with Maglite 3w led upgrade

10 Million CP on low

10 Million CP on high "distance to bottom of garden approx 160 feet"

10 Million CP high beam shot

10 Million CP high beam shot 2

I wouldn't have shown my first attempts to anyone.

A 160 foot garden must be a pain to maintain though. That lamp makes a great target for the lower-powered stuff.

Oops double post. I think I could get to hate this mouse that interprets every click in its own "special" way.

Cheers mate, yeah the garden can be a right pain what you can't see from the pics is that is also slops quite a bit which males pushing the lawnmower even harder.

For a first timer on beamshots you did well

Cheers mate !! i camera has a mind of its own and i only have the 17.5mm - 45mm lens that came with it

Hey you did a good job with the pics...i favor the last two....beams into the sky like a rocket ship taking off.

Yeah i'm quite happy with the last two that torch is one hell of a beast it was the brightest thing you could get when i purchased it a number of years ago.

It was bloody cold out when i took these pics zero degrees

Oh my, THAT is bright. You just took me down a notch there Charles! Awesome shots, thanks for the post!

My 3MCP one killed the batteries in less than 15 minutes with new batteries. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though.

Those are some nice shots, maybe they should add a spotlight section.


Ah, those rocket launching shots you posted were from a spotlight? As in a flashlight with a handle that is at 90 degrees relative to the head?

Usually, but not always. To me it means a device powered by SLA batteries with one or more high wattage incandescent bulbs in large reflectors giving a narrow beam and about 15 minutes of runtime before the batteries spend another 12 hours attached to a charger. Probably not your thing, our esteemed administrator. Alternatively you bolt a few truck batteries to the thing and use a truck to move it. Great fun for long-range spotting, just not for a very long time.

Don your spot on mate here's the little beastie...


Low aprox 60mins

HIGH approx 20-30mins

Then 12 hour recharge or as Don pointed out you can connect it to your car via the power point and run it that way no need to charge battery..

Now that sucker is nice.....i have a Black&Decker 55 watt spotlight that i used to use a lot out in the cemetery's to make sure that there were no bums or critters out. Made a very good light but didnt last for very long at all.

Looks like they were listening ;-)

Post away! Enjoy.

WOW!!! What a strange response, I was expecting something more like, "this is a budget light forum according to rule 4, chapter 5, paragraph D of our charter, which you are violating and you're subject to suspension or expulsion from our forum. We will have mercy on you this time, but if you don't like it, GO ELSEWHERE."

Instead I get, Here is the new section you suggested, ENJOY !

No 'tudes here!


You're welcome! Pretty much anything that makes light is fair game here. I'm thinking about adding a glow worm and lightning bug section too...