My Collection

Well there's a few that are missing.

that 6D (?) maglite is pure fucking madness :d

The Blue Maglite gives me a woody. Please don't hold that against! Nice collection man!

That's actually a 7C Maglite.

If i'm not mistaking you just got serious into flashlights not too long ago didn't ya? Man, that is very impressive for that size of your collection.

I wonder what flashlight is the 3-tubes silver looking one next to the triple Trustfire on the back ?

There's not a 12 step program in the world that can help you with your addiction. You're too far gone.

Well, since we're posting pics of our collection, here's mine "with a few that are missing" too. Missing as in, the ones in the glove boxes and/or in actual use as, well, you know, a flashlight?

I was going to wait until my next order came in so I could include my new prizes but, ILIKE inspired me.


You are correct. I have been buying the crap out of them. I'm gonna start adding some nicer ones now. The majority of those were bought this year. Remember this isn't counting what I have bought for my son.

Foy, that is a super collection.

It's really nice to see these collections. Keep it going guys!


WTF is that gold thing on the top shelf on the far right? ..................LOL

Not exactly budget, but a few are the result of the BLF influence. This is my collection to date, minus a D10 User, a red "Police" $4 light, a UF-H2b, and a NDI.


I like those.

Very nice photo, okwchin !

I'm impressed.

It'd take too long to pull them all together. So here are my stainless steel ones and my only titanium light. And it is likely to remain my only titanium light. The P60 stainless one is rather too heavy for general use. At the moment it has a single-mode R2 dropin from Solarforce in it.

Thrunite TiKey, Aurora SH-033, Trustfire F23, Trustfire S-A6, Ultrafire RL-118, Aurora SH-034, Ultrafire C3, Aurora SH-035, Trustfire F25, Trustfire F22, Yezl S5, Aurora SH-032, Ultrafire 270-T60, Ultrafire 503B.

Great Collection- all those lights and one little charger..........

OK - I know you must have some heavyweight chargers that didn't make it to the photo.

Wow. Stainless looks so cool- and also looks like it will last forever.........

can you post a better pic of the one 3 over from left in front. it looks like ti with a splash of blue

Most of mine

Foy, on the top shelf, front row, between the red and green lights in the back row are two lights, one silver with the black tail cap and black with a silver tail cap. What are they? They look like 1.5 cell mini-mags like some I’ve seen from CPF a few years back that take 14650 cells. Where did you get them?