My Convoy L2/Dipper D19 Family

If it hasn’t been mentioned enough by me, I do love the Convoy L2 or its clone, Dipper D19 host/light. It reminds me of my long stolen Catapult v1 cranked up to 11 - tough that you can wack anyone with it and the light will survive, an awesome reflector and it has good heatsinking. Here is a quick picture of all my L2s/D19s:

From left to right: XM-L2 U2 1A dedomed, XP-G2 R5 2B, MT-G2 P0 5000K and MT-G2 Q0 5000K with a diffuser. All lights are driven to around 5A.

I will, eventually, do a beamshots of all my throwers along with the diffused light. The light with the diffuser was my attempt to emulate Saab’s REV light . Let’s just say, it doesn’t work as well as the REV light, but it holds its own as a diffused light.

Forgot to mention. Added a GITD o-ring near the lens to all but the original L2:

Thats a nice collection Rod. Its a shame that it will be all over soon.

Whats the one that you would keep if you were only able to have one?

That’d be the MT-G2 without the diffuser. I used a couple of my lights the other evening when there was a blackout for about an hour. Even set to medium mode for that hour (tail standing in the kitchen), it begins to be uncomfortably warm. When I was doing a driver/run-time test with the diffused MT-G2 on high, it got burning, crazy hot in about 25 minutes. I played hot potato with it for a good couple of seconds before I managed to turn it off with the help of a tea towel. I really should have run that test in water…

Did you make that diffuser? I like that. Last time I had the power go out, I aimed one of my lights at a 1 gallon jug of water. Worked pretty well and lit the whole room nicely. But not very portable, or should I say potable? lol Anyways, I was afraid of running high too close to the jug and melting it and having water everywhere. I also heard you can use that wax cooking paper stuff. I may do that.

The diffuser was sourced from here . They do not sell it. I had to request a sample of it and the shipping was the expensive bit. Its properties, I have to admit, were pretty close to what they say it does.

Without a diffuser:

With a diffuser:

Note that, it isn’t a film per se, but a piece of hard plastic that you can simply put on top of the existing lens because it is very thin.