My dog loves flashlights too

One of my two dogs is named Turbo, he's a great dog but a little goofy. He absolutely LOVES flashlights. I try not to tease him because he literally goes nuts when a flashlight is turned on, but when I need to use a light I use it (duh).

Here's the story. He can be asleep 20 feet away from me and if I click on a light he hears the "click" and jumps up, runs over near me to see what I am lighting up, and then proceeds to go on "high boost" and run all over the house with a few barks thrown in for good measure. It's really funny actually.

Do your pets react to flashlights?

Post a vid!:wink: that is awesome!:slight_smile:

yeah post a video.

My dogs don't react to flashlights. tried to place it in the floor with lights on and no reaction but the puppy grabbed the light like a bone and off she goes.

that is pretty kool , mostly lasers ( yes i am careful )

my shepard was nuts over lights , he stomped the floor with both feet at it

nutty dog , barkin at it didnt work for him either

walks involve flashlights, so flashlights = walks, therefore flashlights are a reason to get excited. Especially if the lights are held by people who are putting on sports shoes and jackets.