My Emisar D4 is a “touch” light?

So I’m driving home tonight and my D4 blinks a few times in the seat between my legs. Ok… Probably a loose tail cap (lockout) making connection while I sit on it. I pick it up and it’s screwed on tight but I notice the nichias are very dimly lit… okay… so long story short, when I’m holding anywhere from the body tube down with one hand and touch the head with the other hand, it glows. Make more skin-to-light contact and it glows brighter. Wth? Now if I hold it and my girlfriend touches the head ( yea yeah), then nothing. So my body is somehow completing a circuit. Is my 30Q gonna blow?

Try holding a light bulb and see if you can make it light up.

Lol it was one of those “I wonder……naah” moments at first

Mine does the same thing… })
just not the D4.

Long long time ago, my grandpa had to have a special watch band, because he had electricity in his body and it would mess up his watches, wind up watches.

You might be a Slider.

Lol no anyone can do it but they have to have one hand on the body and one hand on the head. So if I have my hand on the body and someone else touches the head, it won’t work. But if you take that same scenario but I touch the other persons OTHER hand that is free, then it lights up. A circuit is somehow being completed. It’s really weird.

Problems like this are why the multimeter was invented.
Please measure everything!

Agreed, I just wondered if anyone has come across this. It’s not a problem unless it could short something out. Then it’s a problem.

:smiley: ZED Just do not use the multi-meter on your girlfriend or you risk long term shock….

Just wondering if this D4 is worn or like new. Anodizing is non conductive.

Moderator007 it’s very worn it’s my EDC. And I thought of that and that’s the really puzzling part. If I hold the head with one hand, there’s no light, but I can touch the fully anodized round body tube with just the tip of a finger (while still hold the head with the other hand) and the LEDs glow. It’s so weird. But when I lock the light out by unscrewing the tail cap it’s dark always, which does make sense, because the negative part of the battery would then only be touching the spring and PCB and has no way of conducting electricity anywhere else, even if the threads were bare aluminum, because the pcb is just glued in the tail piece. . None of it makes any sense though yet. FYI I’m not suggesting any mystical magical stuff, it’s just odd.

But literally one person can hold the tube, hold my hand with their other hand, and then I can light it up with my other than. The current goes through (at least) two people. But we have to be touching each other or it doesn’t work. I wish I could put videos up.

can anyone else do it without you ?

Yes, it’s not Zach-specific. Just as long at the two hands are connected. My hands or anyone else’s hands and “our” hands connected by holding hands. Lol. It makes me think a “touch” flashlight would be pretty sweet. Like turn it on with two taps and change modes just by touching. Kind of like a touch screen or apples new home button. A button-less flashlight

You’ve clearly got a current leak path somewhere in the head of the flashlight.

Can you post pictures of the negative/ground white wire connection of the driver?

Or ask the manufacturer how to test for a problem so you could get an exchange.

I’m not that Hank

Well I have two more D4s on the way, and I’ve swapped LEDs in this one I don’t know how many times. But isn’t there something with the middle pad on nichias? Like it’s not neutral or something? Does the MCPCB get a charge or what if my positive or negative leads are touching the MCPCB? I haven’t taken the head off yet but I bet that’s something to do with it. Just the symptoms seemed quite odd.

My wife has no capacitance. I converted a lamp for her to a touch lamp. No work at all, touch, grab, 2handed throttle…no work. Bought a factory one, same scenario. Works fine as advertised for me & others. Same for touch screen apps….no workee. Is she an alien?

I don’t see how touching the body and the head could be completing a circuit that should already be completed when you screw the head to the body.


I vote for a video. There’s a link on my YouTube channel. I don’t know why it always uploads 240p but you can see what I’m talking about.

Try this, take the tail cap off and lay your finger across the battery and the bottom of the tube.
Does it still light up?