My favorite EDC falshlight-----iTP A3 EOS SS

This is my favorite flashlight :

Stainless steel material makes this light come with extremely good durability;
Powered by 1*AAA alkaline or NIMH Battery;
With 3-mode: Medium 18 lumens (4 hours) -> Low 1.5 lumens (50 hours ->-High 80 lumens (55 minutes);
Superior heat sink that disperses heat to protect LED and electrical components ;
LED emitter: Cree 7090-XP-E Q5
Lens diameter: 13.9mm
Length: 70.0mm

It is small ,and it is very convient to put it in the pocket .It also looks nice !
anyone who use this EDC ,how about your's feeling when use it ?

Hmmm, I wish ITP used clicky switches. Then I would be very interested. I believe Popbuying has these in stock now?

Yes, but there have some problem with our website .it still can't make a payment ,I'm sorry !

I dont doubt that its a nice light, just never been into AAA format.

I don't have the stainless steel version, but I really like my aluminum one. It is so small and lightweight that it is easy to thrown in my pocket and hasn't shown a lot of wear even though it is in the same pocket as my keys. Also makes a great gift. I gave away 9 1-modes to my family and co-workers. My only problem is the twisty which is hard to operate with one hand and tends to inadvertently flash (and skip modes) because of the play in the threads. That's why I got the one modes for family. Since I use a li-ion in mine, I think it is okay that it comes on in Medium, but if I was using a AAA I would definitely want High to come first. That's a no-win, though. Some people want LMH, some want HML, some like the MLH. I would prefer HLM since I use High the most and Low second most. And memory would be good so that if you just want Low, it will stay in Low.

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