My first 18650 flashlight - MODOAO LED Tactical USB Chargeable Flashlight

I just got this MODOAO LED Tactical Flashlight Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Scout light Torch Hunting light Waterproof 5 Modes by 118650 Handheld Flashlights from amazon.
With coupon, it was dirt cheap. Also, since it can be charged via micro USB, it also acts like a charger.
Until now I only had Ultrafire Q5 lights.
The ad is little confusing. It has pictures with battery and case but I didn’t get either.
However, it came with an offset mount for rifles that was not even mentioned. Weird!

I didn’t have any 18650 battery.
Luckily, I didn’t throw all old laptop batteries and had one left.
I opened it up and salvaged the batteries. These are 2800mah LGABC21865.
I checked each battery with multi meter and all of them are good so it was the circuit that was bad on the laptop battery.
I folded the connecting metal strip on the positive end to mimic button and works great.

It does light up with the batteries.
It’s daytime and the batteries are over a year old without charging so it’s currently charging.
Will see how good they are at night.

Did you receive yours? Same package?

MODOAO is very bright.
When pointed to the ceiling, it has light output similar to my 100w equivalent LED bulb that’s rated at 14w.
Compared to Ultrafire Q5, it’s night and day.
Even the low mode is brighter than Q5 (Q5 using AA).
I should have bought few more at that price. That was a steal.
This is exactly what I was looking for to walk at night.
It has bright center and bright enough large area.

What I like is it’s a charger as well so I don’t have to buy a separate charger. :slight_smile:
I have one fully charged and another is charging.

MODOAO high mode has flooded light that’s as bright as (if not more) than the Q5:

MODOAO low mode is at least as bright as Q5’s high mode:

Do you guys know how long the battery lasts on this flashlight on different modes?

This is where it gets fun. Turn on the light and fire up the stopwatch/timer app on your phone or computer. Of course run times will be affected by the capacity of the cell as well as their age. I love and hate run time test. I love having that info but I am far from a patient man. Or it finally dies when I am sleeping or something and I’m not sure the exact time. :slight_smile:

I don’t need exact minutes and seconds.
Just an approximate is good to decide how many extra to carry.
I checked similar models and some mention 1hr 15 minutes on high while others mention 2 hrs.
And yes, no patience testing battery to run out.

How did you happen to buy this from Amazon, or were you given it to review?

Not given for review.
It was on the amazon deals thread and bought it with vipon coupon.