my first Mod

Started with this gave light output very much like a AA powerlight very blue not so bright.

Changed emitter to and now its a fantastic little thrower. Just did it for the experience really

but very happy with the results. Old emitter once desoldered just popped out added some thermal paste and replaced with the Q5 easy!!

opps almost forgot, had too ream out the plastic reflector to get the Q5 seated properly but that was a 30 sec job.

Plus an O-ring behind lens.

My first was with a CR123 light that the back end of the reflector had shorted out the driver circuit. Tossed the driver altogether and replaced the broken Luxeon 3 with a no-name 3W LED. Still have that light in the car. The head can not now be screwed down far enough to do this thanks to some hot glue on the threads.

Good job. The budget lights become an even better value if you don't mind changing stuff around on them. That way if there is a part you don't like (like the LED on yours) you can change it out and have a much better light (and still not spend that much). I'm glad yours is working out so well.

My Ultrafire C8 Q5 change to an R5 with a 1.2a 5 mode driver. Waiting for the R5 . Ordered one from KD on a 14mm star, have one already on a 20mm star but the driver pill looks to be 18mm

Would I be better off cutting the 20 down? or go with the 14?

There are no components in the star so it ought to be OK to cut it down - just be a bit careful with the shears and make sure you clean up the edges - most of those stars are aluminium cored for heat sinking - make sure the aluminium core isn't touching anything it shouldn't. Remember to leave yourself a couple of solder pads to solder the wires to the thing. Obvious I know, but guess why I said it?

Charred Components'R'us - that's me.

I'd wait on the 14mm board to arrive since you've already ordered it, though you could try grinding down the 20mm board if you don't want to wait.

I have a 14 mm R5 pill from KD. Wonder if I can get the above light and exchange the original with the R5?

Will the driver be OK? (voltage 3-3.7) Will the plastic reflector be Ok (heat)?

Yes you can.Driver will work fine,its the same voltage but it is a poor amperage for R5.(holds up well dissipated 1400mA)

The R5 will emit less heat than the Q5 in same conditions.Reflector be OK.

Maybe Kais 'R5's have changed in the meantime but the ones I ordered ~2 months ago are noticably dimmer than R5s I bought from a local official CREE dealer (still bright though). I'd say I received R4s.

Thanks Xrayboy. I have allready ordered the light and will try the mod when it gets here.

I have now tried to mod the light with the R5. Much much better light than the original blue tint.

But there are and were some problems.

First: The light is now very bright, not a thrower but lots of flood, but it has a dark spot in the

center. I cant figure out what causes this. Maybe the led, maybe the reflector. Does not matter

as I have decided to try and mod it with a Q5 ordered from DX.

Second: Modding was not a big problem. The light is easy to dismantle. The R5 is 14mm only and would

have fallen through the hole as the edge is very small. But I just turned the original 16mm led base and

mounted the R5 on its back. Had to sand the reflector down 1mm to accept the new led.

Looking forward to try it with the Q5.

This is the only reason why i havent really gotten into the MCE's or P7's, its like some of the Olights out there with the Hybrid Reflector--gives you a smooth beam but with a dark ring in the middle.

On the other hand you have the Cree rings using XRE leds...

Depending on the curvature of the reflector, the black hole is typical in XPG with smooth reflectors.

Even my Fenix TK12 R5 with specific reflector,have it (though hardly noticeable).

It is very difficult to get a perfect spot modding a flashlight with some other family LEDs.

I was very disappointed when I exchanged the original led with a R5. As mensioned above

it gave a large ugly black hole in the middel. Then I saw somewhere that changing the distance

between the led and the reflector might do away with this.

So I tried to put a spacer in between there, and BINGO the black hole has gone and the light

now has a good flood with a nice big hotspot in the middle. The led is now flush with the

bottom of the reflector, where it before was a mm inside

The planned mod with an ordered Q5 will still be done though, as the R5 will go into a P60.

As mensioned in the post above I have tried to mod the light (

two times allready. Cheap little light and easy to mod.

It was very bright with the Q5 led, but then I discovered that the pill in this light has the same threads and size

as the pill in a P60 dropin. So no need to fiddle around with a solderiron anymore. Just remove reflector and

springs from the P60 pill, unscrew the original and replace it. Everybody can do that. If a black hole, remember

spacer between ledboard and reflector.

Very bright light with both a R2 and R5. Wonder if I should try with a MC_E? Must be the smallest and brightest

pocket rocket around. Be a good handwarmer too this winter I believe.