My first set of numbers from my Integrating Sphere

Hey Folks,

I just recently completed making my very own integrating sphere (14.5" diameter..will post it up shortly). I love this thing! It's like having my own personal flashlight dyno. Well, I thought I'd share some results: Included are some common documented factory ones, and then a couple of my mods:

Zebralight SC60 H1 300.4L
Zebralight SC60 H2 151.8L
Zebralight SC60 M1 52.3L
Zebralight SC60 M2 19.1L
Zebralight SC60 L1 4L
Zebralight SC60 L2 .8L
MG P-Rocket XP-G H 276.7L
TF XP-E F23 alk H


TF XP-E F23 alk L 6L
TF XP-E F23 10440 H 136L
TF XP-E F23 10440 L 13.4L
Fenix LD01 alk H


Fenix LD01 alk M 22.1L
Fenix LD01 alk L 2.7L
Fenix LD01 10440 H 221.3L
Fenix LD01 10440 M 59.3L
Fenix LD01 10440 L 3L
Streamlight Stylus Pro 18.3L
Old Coast Led Lenser V2 55.3L
Stock 2xAA mini mag 10.1L
Mini-Match V1 QTC'd low .27L
Mini-Match V1 QTC'd High 614L
Mini-Match V2.0 H 759L
Mini-Match V2.0 M 241.1L
Mini-Match V2.0 L 41.6L
Yezl Z1x XML 814.2L
2C Mag w/ 5xR2 drop-in 952.6L
ITP C7 alk 81.4L
ITP C7 14500 142L
Romison RC G2 R5 from SB 111.4L
Mad-Match 6xXML Mag 5,059.2L

Hmmm... Yes... That 5000+ lumens would be... enough... Is it possible to have too much of a good thing...? That's some serious illuminating gadget.

Other thing that caught my eye was the poor result of the P-Rocket. It's advertsed 450 lumens, and while surely I didn't expect it to put out that much, I was hoping for above 300 mark. Had that on my to buy-list. But not anymore.

Nice job. Just keep bringing us that certified lumen count goodness, thank you sir.

Lumen ratings pretty plausible. Pics of the lumen meter! If you can be bothered.

5,059.2L - i see you managed to measure the wand of fireballs

Great work! I'll wait for details about the sphere.

I got 172 at switch-on for my F23, the only light that overlaps with your list. I certainly don't trust my readings enough to give decimal places.

My numbers may be an underestimate - certainly sixty545 who has a better sphere than mine got higher results on the same Ultrafire C303 that I measured.

I find it makes a big difference just how fully charged the cells are. I use this protocol:

The NiMH cells get charged on a Vanson SpeedyBox and get left for 24 hours after the light turns green.

The lithium cells (That can take the charge rate) get charged in an Ultrafire WF-139 and get used within a minute of the light turning green. Mine doesn't seem to continue to charge but I can't say I fully trust it. The other cells get charged by a hobby charger.

Obviously this leads to what I regard as absolute maximum real-world readings and is why I do the readings at 30 seconds and 2 minutes as well.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Ya, about that P-Rocket...I may have to give it a going over, because I swear the last time I used it it was brighter (last year).

Ya, I forgot to mention that the capture time was 10sec after turnon for each. When I get more time to play, I'll do 30sec and 2min.

Alright, next thing to do is find a lens so you can concentrate the beaming coming out of the Mag, right?


Great job Match!

I'll take 1 of the Mad-Match 6xXML Mags please.

Very nice Match! I'd be interested in seeing your L2P with an XML dropin.

+1 on the L2P/UF XM-L


+2 on the UF XM-L drop in. Seems to be the most popular one around here.

Doh! How did I miss that one on the list? Senior moment...

The L2P with an UF XM-L 3 mode comes in at:

High: 838L

Med: 280L

Low: 49L


Is that unmodified?


Sweet, thanks

those are some great numbers.

did you happen to test the NItecore EX10?

The only modification was to wrap the drop-in with a copper sleeve...that's it.

Good call on the nitecore...I'll test it now.

OK...the Nitecore EX10 SP looks like this:

High: 136.8L

Med: 33.5L

Low: 2.8L

Nice! That's a strong showing.

Sorry for askin too much but what battery?

i use UF 16340s just curious thx