My impression of the Sofirn SC31, almost right

Sofirn did a lot right with the SC31:

*good looks, gives the right vibe
*dirt cheap
*still the build quality is top-notch
*USB charging
*sustainable output on all modes (I measure 9 lm, 150 lm, 510 lm, very usable modes)
*muggle-friendly UI (combines well with the moderate output and USB charging)
*nice light-OP reflector for smooth beam that still is quite throwy
*standby current 33 micro-amps, drains a 30Q in 10 years
*in breathing mode still only 1.5 mA, good for 2.5 months

It easily passes the grandma test, as already mentioned. Well done Sofirn!

But I would like to love it as a flashaholic too, and to pass the djozz test it badly needs a few things done. As usual with Sofirn it was not the costs that made them produce a less than perfect light but I guess ignorance, improving it does not cost extra:

*the USB port cover is ok but eventually it will shear off. The cover should be completely recessed or otherwise improved.
*swap the horrible XP-G3 with something decent (the SST-20 makes for perfect fit, produces an almost tintshift-free beam when combined with this nice reflector and comes in many tints and CRI to suit everyone, other suggestion is Luxeon V2)
*I think that the mode memory fits in with a muggle-light but that must be combined with direct access from off to lowest mode. Sofirn sacrificed the long-press from off for turning on switch-led-breathing-mode but of course that action should be designated to lowest mode. And make that (quite fun) breathing mode something like 3 clicks or so.

I changed the main led for a 3000K 95CRI SST-20 (350 lumen on high now and a beauty beam), and the switch leds to deep red (645nm). I have no grandma left but it will make for a nice gift one of these days :slight_smile:

(disclaimer: bought the light myself)

Agreed. My muggles don’t complain about the ringy beam, but they miss moonlight mode. They still like it much more than the Convoy S9.

Hello djozz,

Thank you for your summary of your impressions about this flashlight. I also considered this as a fairly good starting point to give muggles a reliable and good flashlight.

Let me ask a few questions:

  1. Did you test the battery charging with good (~10A) and poor (~120-200 mOhm IR, not above 2A) batteries. What was the voltage, when the flashlight just finished the charging?
  2. Can you confirm the LED MCPCB size of 16 mm?
  3. Is the head glued?
  4. Is the head compatible with any known Yajiamei TIR optics?

Another thing: in another Sofirn related topic, I suggested a slightly different UI for this flashlight to consider being implemented. Do you think, that it could be useful?

1) No, I did not, but I could have a go. Will have to look for a poor battery though, I may have trashed them all.
2) yes, MCPCB size is 16mm, but there is even some room to spare on the led shelf. One detail: the stock (alu, non-DTP) board has a hole that clears a screw in the shelf, this is to prevent rotation of the board when screwing down the bezel, a bit sloppy is that this screw is just placed slightly wrong and prevents the board to center completely in the head. You can therefore see that the led is slightly off-center (beam is fine). I replaced the MCPCB with a 16mm L4P DTP board and just left out the anti-rotation screw.
3)the head is slightly glued with some blue stuff, a strip of rubber inner tire was sufficient to break it loose, no heat required.
4) I do not have knowledge on the various TIR optics.

Yes sure, that UI (which is mostly the Olight UI) would be great to have as a standard. I wonder why every manufacturer needs to re-invent the wheel on UI’s and make them usually inferior.

I tried a SC31 too, and my notes on it are pretty much the same. It’s decent, but a few small changes could make it a lot better… especially the emitter and firmware changes.

which led did you use?

So maybe its time for a BLF “Grandma Light” :smiley:

BLF Grandma light:

Tube style 18650
USB-C charging, port protected by ring like Zanflare F1
Maximum 3 modes,wide spaced, no blinkies
Maximum output 500 lumen
Magnetic ring UI, like Sofirn SD03
Some nicer led than XP-G3

The 645nm leds that I used were Osram 0805 leds that I bought from rs-online years ago, maybe it were these:

Hoi Jos,

Can we now expect that you will run the "BLF granny light" interest list? :-D



I could ask Barry for a new project, but I’m not sure if Sofirn is waiting already for a new flashlight. But if they are, I’m ok doing the BLF-side of things only if at least the specs above are met. Especially the magnetic ring must be done, and that is not wishful thinking because Sofrn already has done one before on the SD03.

Actually, I was just teasing, Jos. ;-) Not sure if Barry and Sofirn's production are quite busy now...

  • in development: Sofirn SP70 BLF edition
  • in development/design phase: Sofirn SP10S Andúril edition
  • (in development?): Sofirn "AT35"
  • in development: Sofirn multi-emitter EDC (white/red/UV)
  • ...

And the lantern is still not finished.

BLF Grandma/Muggle light:

  • Tube style 18650
  • USB-C charging, port protected by ring like Zanflare F1 [if possible]
  • Maximum 3 modes,wide spaced, no blinkies [i would suggest a hidden firefly 0.5lm or less accessible only from off for for muggles)
  • Maximum output 500 lumen
  • big e-switch [Emisar D4 style and quality}
  • simplified Skilhunt H03 UI: 1click from off-on, mode memory, 1click-increase mode L>M>H, 2click H>M>L, hold 0.4s-off, hold from off-firefly.
  • XPL-HI 3A or 5D
  • OP reflector or better: universal TIR