My little boy is 6 today...... got his first flashlight / headtorch!

So, my little boy is 6 today ^:) and seeing as he’s showing more and more interest in my lights (especially my FW3A with CRX’s glow disk), I thought it time to get him on the flashlight stepladder!
I often see people requesting lights for kids on here, but none are actually for ‘kids’ at least not younger ones. So I found this one - Bosch headtorch.
Maybe that’s an idea……. the BLFjr ’ a light for kids who’s dad’s are flashaholics’ :stuck_out_tongue:
His has elastic headbands, this one seems not to I dunno if that’s an upgrade or downgrade lol! Either way he loves it - can’t wait for tonight so we can try it out!

Happy Birthday for your boy :partying_face:
Enjoy the walk in the evening…

Regards Xandre

My US 7 since Jan 24th (owns a few already) . Happy birthday!

Good choice, I never thought of the headlamp as a first flashlight but it strikes me as a smart choice for a little one, and it might save your life someday.

“Kashmir avalanche: ‘My baby’s toy torch saved me from death’

I gave my niece a light… an MT09R.

She likes it.

Nice birthday present for your son G0OSE. Glad he loves it.

I absolutely LOVE this idea. My son who is almost 2 is obsessed with any light I play with but he can figure out how any switch modes if I give him something to play with on a certain setting. I am about to go old school and get him an incandescent. Lol

Enjoy it while you can, they grow up so fast.
Happy Birthday G0OSE jr. :partying_face:

Thanks for all the kind words guys, and yes he really does love it! He spent 2 days crawling around the dark places in our house lol!
It’s not that bad either really, though oddly it has 2 rectangle leds which puts neither in the centre, one is cw and the other is for another mode which is flashing, but it’s ww ……. I can’t work that one out.
Maybe I’ll swap it out for an XHP70.2 lol! :stuck_out_tongue: joking aside, you could probably lose the flash mode and just put 1 half decent round led in, the reflector hole is round. OR maybe leave it as is lol!

Happy Birthday for your boy and his next flashlight will be?