My modest collection

For some year, I have been absorbed by a passion like most of you on this forum :slight_smile:
During that time, some different flashlights passed through my hands. There are those that I really like and use. Of course, a few of them had to be modified to be happy.
On the way to me is ThruNite TC20 and the next one will be TN42.

My collection:

From left:

- Utorch UT02, modified resistor R100 and paste MX-4 change

- BLF Q8, improved connections, you do not need more because it’s a refined flashlight

- Skilhunt H03, here I have nothing to improve :slight_smile:

- Utorch UT01, switch improvement, LED replacement for XP-L HI U6-3A, shortening of tail springs

- Lumintop SDMIni, replacing the cold diode on XP-L HI U6-3A

  • Nitecore TIP CRI, a great addition to the keys, I did not change anything.

Photo showing beamschot:

For dessert, spectral measurements:






Excellent collection, no need to be modest at all. I like how you have carefully selected the lights for each purpose. The mods showcase your attention to detail and your knowledge!

The quality of light is very important to me, probably because I am a photographer, computer scientist and electronics :). Every day I’m dealing with photo processing, correct white balance, etc. That’s why in my collection there are lights in the range of 5000K. I try to have well-thought-out shopping and as you have noticed, I have lights for various purposes. I take into account not only the quality of light, but also power, weight and size, and UI. I like everything very much and practically everybody uses it. Such a little whim will be the purchase of TN42 but I just like it.

Nice eclectic collection. :+1:

Nice collection, Komeko.

If you want, you could also post your collection in the collection thread.

Nice collection, can see some though went into picking them.

Small upgrade. I made another UT02 modification, now it’s almost 6A on the tail. I got 1742 lumens thanks to it. I wonder if it looks like a comparison to Thrunite V6:

I could not resist and another lamp ordered. This time Noctigon Metero M43 in XP-G2 S4 3D version.
What will be next? Maybe TN42, V6, MF01, MF02, DQG Tiny 26650.

Very nice, well-rounded collection! I have the Q8 & TC20, and like them both very much. Enjoy!


Nice collection. I have the Q8,TC20, and H03 headlamp. They’re all great lights. You say you’re interested in the Astrolux MF02. I got one a couple of weeks ago in neutral white. I love it. It’s by far my best thrower. I also have a ThruNite V6 in cool white. It doesn’t throw as far as the MF02, but it’s much smaller, and not nearly as heavy.

At the moment, my shopping list looks like this:

- On the way to me Noctigon Meteor M43

- In the future, Thrunite TN42 NW

  • In the future, Thrunite V6 NW
    and I do not know myself anymore :smiley:

Small upgrade, Meteor M43 joined the family. Because of this, some new pics.

Honestly, I have a dilemma, I do not know what to do next. What do you suggest to an addict? :slight_smile:

Not sure what to suggest next but I have my eye on the TN42 as well. I'm not sure how much better it will perform than my MF02, but the TN42 is a solid, high quality looking light.

TN42 I go to the head very much. But there is also a brother in the form of TN40s and this one tempts me too ….
TN42 is in NW so I like it and TN40s is currently not available in NW but again the price is much lower. Eh … what to do?

Same problem I was facing yesterday lol. Was browsing youtube videos comparing the TN42 with the TN40S and decided that I like both of them.

And what solution did you find? Just do not say that you have to buy both :smiley:

That's the thing, I'm tempted to buy both, but so far I am holding back until I can't anymore.

After giving it some more thought, I think I'd still go with the tn42.

TN40S NW with the code the price is not so bad-

135$ versus 161$. I need to think :wink:

Where did you find the tn42 for $161?

We are talking about the price of TN40s and not about TN42