My new years resolutions.

My new years resolutions are as follows:

1. Stop buying bloody flashlights.

2. Lose some weight.

3. err... eat a big bag of Doritos.

4. Buy some more flashlights.

5. Never make new years resolutions again.

Happy new year all!

I won't be buying any more flash lights......

I just won't be buying any less.

Never worked for me .

Every time I have decided to do something , it was always spur of the moment .

I'm not going to buy anymore flashlights this year....

I like this, no more flashlights for me either this year

I like #5

Approximately the last 35 years I've been saying nae mair fags - or "no more cigarettes" for those who don't speak my variant on the Scots tongue. Not worked yet. Maybe this year.

Don't ask me about Champix / Chantix. Evil poison that shouldn't be allowed. The 20kg (44lb) of weight gain and the two years of mood disorder aren't worth it. Not to mention its failure in its primary purpose. 30 a day before I poisoned myself - 30 a day after.

Might be worth trying Zyban (not licensed as an antidepressant here - only licensed for getting away from tobacco). At least it might change the mood in a positive direction.

Or not.

As it takes 6-13 weeks for an antidepressant to work.

It's easy to empathise with the customers where I work.

No More New Years Resolutions for me. I never keep them and feel guilty when I don't, so now I just ingore it and sleep thru new years!Tongue Out

Don, we're here to help. So everytime you have a cigarette you have to send a member one of your lights. How's that?

That'd work for around 6 months. Then it'd get a bit sticky. Down to less than 150 lights. I've given away a bunch of them.

It's easier to stop taking heroin. Don't ask. Any reply will be a lie.

If you don't already burn tobacco, just don't. Get into something easy to quit like heroin.

If you don't already burn tobacco, just don't. Get into something easy to quit like heroin.

I hear you Don. I´m the kind of smoker who gets up 3 times in the night to smoke. Hate the stuff. Can't live without it... :~)

Don, you might want to try an electronic cigarette. For two years now, I haven't touched a cigarette and was a smoker for 23 years.

the nicotina is the drug that give more psychological addiction

I tried all with my parents, from patches and gums with nicotine to electronic cigarettes


but my dad stopped a month ago after an heart issue.. you really need that kind of motivations? can be too late...

don't think bad I wish u others 100 years of good health but... how we say here help yourself that god help you

happy new year and others 100 xD

I've smoked 40+ a day for 25 years or more. Stopped twice with the aid of patches for about 6 months each time, mainly for health reasons. Found it easier than I would have thought, but what I learned was that wanting to stay quit was the hard part; for whatever perverse reasons, I just enjoy smoking too much.

What I really want is to be a non-smoker, but that can never be. Even if I never smoke another cigarette again as long as I live, the best I can hope to be is an inveterate, died-in-the-wool smoker enduring enforced abstinence; not the same thing by a million miles. Constant craving, weight gain and violent mood swings just aren't worth it to me. I wish they were..


I had no intention of quitting smoking. I bought the electric cigarette so I wouldn't have to go outside to smoke in the cold and 3 years later I have not touched a single cigarette after smoking my entire adult life. I will say I am more addicted to the electric cigarette than I ever was to real cigarettes, but the improvement in breathing, smell and taste plus the cost saving only cost 50 cents a day to run once the initial investment is made. It certainly is not for everyone but it is worth a try.

I had a good laugh with your first replies.

I do not like promising myself what I will do, or will not do, I rarely do what I promise haha.

And regarding tobacco.... I smoke about 20 per day, and try not to get more than that, which is more than enough.

I enjoy smoking, it is true, I have never tried to give up, the only thing I did in the past was to reduce the quantity to 5 per day, those five tasted like lobsters, but I remember I had to be checking the clock every 5-10 minutes as I tried to smoke at regular times, and yes the nicest was the one after lunch, because having sex is not that often...

Sometimes I reduce a bit the quantity by smoking rolling tobacco instead, as I am not used to I don´t like it that much and smoke a bit less.

E1320, I might try the electronic ones, but promise me there are not so many models as flashlights haha, maybe some will throw the smoke further, and others will cover a big area...

I highly recommend the EGO-T tank system it's now avalible at DX. It gives you the throat hit so you feel like you are really smoking and delivers a lot of vapor per hit plus it runs for 6 hours on a charge and you simply refill the tank with liquid when it low or charge the battery when it dies. I paid more than double what DX is charging for this and it'a worth every penny. There is nothing better than being able to sneak a vape in a restaurant after a meal or in a movie and nobody notices.

Hey Don:

Maybe i mis-read what you said

It takes 6-13 weeks for an antidepressant to work.

It's easy to empathise euthanize with the customers where I work.

I think you have convinced me to give it a try, where can I get the refills for it? Do each last long?

I get my refills from a local vendor Vermont Vapor

It is very important that you find a flavor that you enjoy because you are more likely to stick with it if you really like the taste.

They sell ingredients so you can mix your own flavors. I purchased a liter for $200 of my favorite blend and it will last me over a year.

I think if you search on the e-cigarette forum you can find someone local or get a sample kit from vermont vapor find a flavor you like and then buy a liter and it should last well over a year.

The DX kit comes with a Marlboro flavor mix which is very popular.