My newest Light

I just got this in yesterday. I have been eyeing the SC600 for the last year but just refused to pay the price for one. I liked the idea of a small 18650 light with a side clicky so I bought a cheap imitation (Small Sun Zy-T29 ) but it still didn’t satisfy my curiosity for the real deal. Then the MK2 version came out and I was ready to buy it but no one had one in stock. My brother and my mom bought this one from Illumination Supply for my birthday and it came in a week early. The first thing we had to do of course was put it on the light box and test it. I know the MK2 is rated at 900 lumens OTF which is totally awesome for a 4” light. Mine fell a bit short of that. On a newly charged Panasonic PD I got 800 lumens OTF which even though short of what it is supposed to do but is still very bright for an edc sized light. I have read that the lux is supposed to be about 6300 or in that neighborhood and we actually got a little more than that. It tested at 7200 lux. The many modes that it has was kind of intimidating until I saw how easy the UI on the light is. I like it a lot.

Here is a size comparison of my smallest 18650 lights. Left to right the BTU Tiny, SC600 2 & ZY-T29.

I have been thinking of buying a SC600 for over a year now too. Just seems like every time I get ready to buy one, I find another light in tha same price range that I want more.

What a nice birthday present you mum and brother bought you. Your mum must know a bit about lights. Happy birthday for next week and thanks for all the hard work you guys have put in.

Still awesome output for it's size, and the quality of the body and function is awesome. Congrats on getting one!

Closest thing I got in brightness/size is a Convoy S4 built up from the host, I measured just over 1,000 lumens, - 3.5A Nanjg, XM-L2 U2/SinkPAD. But the S4 is a lot bigger at 117.7 mm, while this SC600 is 101.6 mm, and the S4 is a standard tailcap button.

Actually ZebraLight specs it as XML, but if it's an XML U3 driven at 2.8A or so, 800 lumens makes a lot of sense for this size reflector.

Thanks MRsDNF and yes she and my wife both have to hear me and my brother discussing our lights every weekend so they have to know a little about them. Lol. We love doing the light shots and tests. It is kind of a friendly competition between us. We are always trying to find a torch superior to the others.